Wouldn’t you like to save money by choosing an automated device that helps you to turn on and turn off the heating and cooling appliances at home when you are away? Needless to say, a thermostat can control about half of your energy bill. But, what really helps are the programmable thermostats that save quite a lot of energy wasted in heating and cooling an empty home.  In addition, these programmable thermostats are capable of storing multiple daily settings which you can manually override without disturbing the rest of the daily or weekly program.

Now, let us have a look at the hot selling thermostats in the industry. Read the detailed programmable thermostat reviews.

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest wifi smart Thermostat

Nest, with its awesome features, is the best and the most efficient programmable thermostat available in the market. The best part is it learns and adjusts to your lifestyle and programs itself in merely a week’s time! The Nest Learning Thermostat learns quickly about what temperature is most comfortable for you and programs itself accordingly. Besides, it can be controlled from any place in the world over Wi-Fi, and it turns itself down when you aren’t at home.

Features and advantages of the Nest Learning Thermostat

  • Easy Installation – Installing the Nest Learning Thermostat is as easy as installing a light fixture! You can do it yourself. Moreover, such a wonderful gadget can be installed in just less than 30 minutes.
  • Nest Learns – You need not program the device. All you need to do is just turn it up and turn it down initially. The Nest Thermostat quickly learns what temperature you like and creates a personalized schedule. It will learn the most efficient temperatures for a few days and in just a week, it will start setting and programming them on its own.
  • Saves energy while you are away – The activity sensors in the Nest thermostat sense when there is nobody at home and automatically turn to an energy-saving temperature. The Auto Away works in most homes even if it is installed in a room that you don’t use frequently.
  • Access Nest from anywhere – You can use the Nest app to stay connected to your thermostat from any Smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can operate the device and do any changes even if you are miles away from home.  You can also have a look at the amount of energy used at home. A detailed energy history can be viewed on the web or mobile app for the last ten days. In addition, the Nest Thermostat sends you an energy summary on a monthly basis along with great tips to save more energy.
  • Nest Leaf – There is this Nest Leaf that appears whenever you are saving energy. Did you know that changing the temperature by just one degree can save energy up to 5%? Well, the Leaf is likely to guide you in the right direction in terms of energy saving.
  • Airwave – The Nest Thermostat sports an excellent feature called the Airwave that automatically turns on as and when your home’s humidity allows. It helps lower your AC bill by reducing the AC runtime whenever humidity in your home is low.
  • Excellent Design – The unique and sleeky design of the Nest Learning Thermostat is matchless. The round and shiny gadget adds enormous value to your home. Pretty obviously, the device looks very modern and stylish.
  • Wifi Thermostat-   Nest is not only a programmable thermostat ,but also a wifi smart thermostat. Have a complete read in the best wifi smart thermostats available in the industry right now.
  • Other Features – There are more distinct features to this stunning gadget: System Match, Filter Reminders, Heat Pump Balance, True Radiant, Early-On, built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and so much more!

Price : $ 249

Overall, the Nest Learning Thermostat is an excellent and a well-rounded product in terms of hardware as well as software. There is no denying the fact that Nest is an obvious winner.

2. Honeywell 7-day Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat

Honeywell 7-day Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat

The Honeywell programmable thermostat is exclusive designed for easy use and is loaded with myriads of superb features. This thermostat provides you with programmable and customizable control over your cooling and heating appliances at your home. Good news is that you need not make any constant manual adjustments.

What are the advantages and special features of the Honeywell Programmable Thermostat?

  • The unique 7-day programming enables you to do separate programming for each day.
  • The extra large touch screen display keeps the operation and programming simple; besides, it shows room temperature, set temperature and the current temperature.
  • The straightforward, green backlit display helps you to read easily, even in rooms and hallways that are dimly lit.
  • It features an exclusive Smart Response Technology constantly adjusts the pre-cooling and heating of your home so that you are comfortable at your programmed times.
  • A Filter Change Reminder keeps your heating and cooling system functioning at peak performance.
  • This thermostat is an easy way to save money and energy. If you program it as directed, the thermostat is capable of saving up to 33% on your annual heating and cooling costs. Moreover, the thermostat unit can be run using a battery or using power from the heating and cooling system; this provides you an option of eliminating battery charges on a permanent basis.
  • There is an option called Vacation Hold to adjust your program so that it automatically resumes to normal settings when you return from a long vacation.
  • With Honeywell thermostat, your settings are maintained throughout, even if there is a power outrage.
  • The thermostat is compatible with all heating and cooling systems plus the heat pump systems.
  • This efficient thermostat comes to you with one year limited warranty.
  • The installation process is easy as well.

 Price : $69.99

In general, the Honeywell Programmable Thermostat is easy to use, easy to install and definitely has all the features to save a lot of money on your electric bill.


3. LUX Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat

LUX Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat

LUX Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat is easy to use and allows you to customize the temperature of your home as per your schedule and comfort level. This programmable thermostat helps you save energy and money in a great way.

What are the special features of the Lux Programmable Thermostat?

  • CompatibilityThe gadget is compatible with most systems. It is certainly an energy-efficient choice that saves you nearly 33% on your annual energy bills; well, that is similar to the efficiency of Honeywell thermostats. Besides, it comes preprogrammed with a set schedule for energy conservation on heating and cooling that saves quite a lot on your energy bills. The thermostat works with most heating and cooling systems.
  •  Easy to useThe device is very easy to use; it has a large, electroluminescent display. The display shows the current temperature, time, day and the filter status all at once. Besides, with a simple soft-touch push, you can also know the humidity in the room.
  • Special programming features There are special programming options that enable you to store temporary programs which you can use for vacations, holidays and long weekends. In addition, the thermostat sports a patented speed dial that helps you to easily and quickly program up to four varied periods per day, that is, morning, afternoon, evening and night. Plus, you can also program for a different schedule on Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays.
  • Filter Life IndicatorThe thermostat uses a graphic filter usage monitor with which you can set filter usage limits from 0 to 180 days in both 30-days increment as well as 365 days duration.

Price : 35 $

Overall, the Lux Programmable Thermostat is easy to install, use and program.

What is your choice?

Well, if you are need of a hi-tech, trendy gadget for your house, Nest is certainly the ultimate choice. The best part about Nest is that it can program itself in just a week’s time. However, Nest costs much more than Honeywell and Lux thermostats. On the other hand, Honeywell comes in handy with all essential features and comparatively, a lesser cost. Lux is a great option if you don’t want to hurt your budget too much. The thermostat provides reasonable efficiency at a nominal price. Depending on your budget, requirements and preferences, you can choose from these programmable thermostats.