battery issues


Usually, your thermostat will notify you with a “low battery” message on the display when its batteries are near depletion. The “low battery” notice is to warn you that you have to replace the thermostat’s batteries before the power level is so low that the thermostat loses some of its functionality.  But why are you now, after you’ve replaced the batteries, still receiving the message that the batteries are low? A thermostat might still display a “low battery” message after you’ve replaced the old batteries with new ones. There are several reasons for this. The batteries might be damaged or substandard, or the thermostat has some technical or software issues. By troubleshooting systematically, the issue can usually be fixed by yourself. In this article, I’ll discuss the most common reasons why you still get a “low battery” message after you’ve changed the batteries and provide possible troubleshooting procedures and solutions…