mechanical thermostats


We all know what is a Thermostat and how it regulates temperature of the heating/cooling systems installed in our homes or office spaces.  In this article, we see different types of thermostats and how they are classified based on its features & mode of operation. A Thermostat is basically a temperature sensor with a switch and a memory (to set the desired temperature). Based on the set temperature, a thermostat switches the HVAC system (heating/cooling system of your home) “ON” or “OFF” to regulate the temperature inside the room in which the thermostat is installed. So let’s see how many different types of Thermostats are available. Generally,Thermostats can be classified on two different basis. The first one is really technical and is based on the mode of operation of the device [Line Voltage & Low Voltage]. The second one is primarily based on the features & functions a thermostat offers [Smart…