Thermostat Reviews


If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable upgrade to your digital thermostat, or just want a low-priced smart thermostat, then check out the Bosch connected control(BCC100) thermostat. Bosch has been a reliable and trusted brand name in the American market. The BCC100 is fairly low priced when compared to the big names like Ecobee and Nest. The BCC100 claims to give maximum comfort with minimal inputs and has numerous smart features on its new thermostat unit. It falls into the low priced smart thermostat category alongside the Ecobee and Nest budget thermostats. Check price & details on Amazon BCC 100 is a low voltage thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities that suits almost all the 24-volt low voltage systems including gas and electric furnaces, single and dual-stage systems. One feature which makes it stand out from its competitors is that it can control humidifiers and dehumidifiers along with the HVAC…