wireless thermostats


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] We used to live in a “wired” world before, but things are changing and we are heading towards a “wireless” world now. The internet changed our world as no one has ever thought of. We live in a “highly connected” world now, where you can control your home in Washington DC sitting in Miami beach! The first internet-connected WiFi thermostat was Nest smart thermostat – which was released in 2011. Later Ecobee and Honeywell came up with WiFi-enabled thermostat models in the market. In this guide, we review WiFi thermostats or wireless thermostats which can be controlled over the internet using mobile apps. Why Go for a WiFi Thermostat? Benefits of WiFi Thermostat #Control from anywhere – A WiFi thermostat can be controlled through the internet from anywhere in the world. Set/change the temperature, turn the thermostat ON/OFF, set a new program/schedule – you can do this all while you’re away using your smartphone. #Accurate Weather Prediction – A WiFi thermostat (when connected to…