This is one of the most asked question by some one who is intending to buy a thermostat. To be frank it depends on  3-4  factors

  1. You and your family
  2. Thermostat you are using
  3. Your environment

Nest says that their average savings is 20 percent.  Have a look at the detailed saving analysis  guide of  Nest thermostats

nest-how much can you save



You might also be interested to check out the nest users discussion about  money/energy saving percentage .

Well,  plotting all these data, we’ve developed a tool(application) to check how much money you can save using a thermostat.

You need to type in your Annual Electrical Expense , and our tool will  show how much money you will be saving using the thermostat for specific years. It will also show how much time it would take you to save the cost of the Nest wifi learning thermostat bought.

 Our Thermostat money savings calculator tool


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