Finding the best Z Wave Thermostat is essential in a home as it allows you to control and regulate your home temperature from wherever you are without worry. In addition to that, this smart home device allows you to monitor and control the energy usage in your house which cuts on heating and cooling costs in your house.

There is a wide range of Z Wave Thermostats in the market, and the trick comes in finding and buying the best Z Wave Thermostat for your home that will not only perform its core functions but also be convenient and pocket-friendly.

If you are looking to find the best Z Wave Thermostat for your smart home, then keep reading as this article has a compiled list of the best Z Wave Thermostats.  

Honeywell T6 Pro

This WIFI thermostat is certified by EnergyStar, and it allows you to set the desired temperature for your home and even schedule the desired heating or cooling times. It is easily adjustable and energy efficient as it uses geofencing techniques.  


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has a smart touchscreen display for easier navigation
  • Comes with different programmable settings


  • The app to regulate is incompatible with Android phones
  • Doesn’t work well with an unstable Wi-Fi connection

Go Control Battery Powered

This Z Wave Thermostat is powered by batteries, and it has a front-loading battery compartment that utilizes four “AA” batteries that can last for up to 2 years. It is also equipped with a 7-character scrolling display that improves its programming feature, hence making it user-friendly.


  • Very easy to install and program
  • Highly compatible as it works with a variety of central HVAC Systems.
  • Flexible as it can be powered by both batteries and HVAC systems.


  • The usage of battery power eliminates its Z-Wave functionality
  • Uses standard Z-Wave which is an outdated Z-Wave ADC-T3000

This modern and all-great thermostat works with any Z-Wave hub, and it can function with or without a battery. This is because it uses Z-Wave plus technology. Most smart-home customers also prefer it for its sleek design which fits almost perfectly with all décor.


  • Uses Z-Wave Plus technology and hence has an extended range compared to standard wave devices.
  • Reliable as it does not depend on Wi-Fi
  • Supports humidity control


  • Quite expensive compared to the Honeywell T6 Pro
  • Loses connection to the remote-control access, although not often

Stelpro KI (STZW402+)

This smart electronic thermostat offers different energy management modes which enhance its energy efficiency. Aside from controlling indoor temperature, the device also displays outdoor temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius as preferred.


  • Supports Z-Wave Plus technology
  • Simple programming hence easy to use
  • Accurate temperature readings


  • Does not function in the presence of a fan
  • Lacks the ability to completely turn off the heat


This battery-powered thermostat is compatible with any Z-Wave controller as well as single and multistage forced air systems that could be in your home.

It comes with a touchscreen for easy programming and is also equipped with the Energy Saving Mode (ESM) hence energy-efficient.


  • Capable of working with multi-zone systems
  • Sends notifications for maintenance reminders
  • Simple to install


  • Can only utilize all the thermostat features when subscribed to the Nexia Hub, which adds to the cost.

What is a Z-Wave Thermostat?

A Z Wave Thermostat is a smart home device that uses Z Wave protocol to communicate wirelessly to the system that regulates temperature in the home. The Z Wave Protocol is the mode of communication between smart home devices. The newest advancement of the Z Wave Protocol is the Z Wave Plus which not only uses less energy to operate but also covers communication across a wider range of smart home devices.

Benefits of using a Z Wave Thermostat

Simple installation procedure

Most Z-Wave Thermostats come with an installation manual and since Z-Wave is a wireless technology, there is no need for confusing cabling or construction work. To begin use, the Z-Wave Thermostats only need to be switched on and connected to the Z-Wave network in the home and they are ready to go.

Wireless Signal Range

Z-Wave devices use mesh-network technology where they connect and communicate with each other freely without interference from other devices in the house such as the microwave or phones. The range of this network improves by the number of Z-Wave devices connected which then makes communication stronger.

Energy efficiency

Most Z-Wave thermostats are powered by batteries which helps to save on energy. Their battery life also lasts for at least one year and up to two years which enhances their energy efficiency. A Z-Wave thermostat also emits less energy than a mobile phone, which ensures the safety of humans inside the house.

Wrapping up

Many homeowners will look for different aspects when choosing the best Z-Wave Thermostat for their home. In terms of pocket-friendliness, the Honeywell TH6320ZW2003 T6 Pro Series Thermostat would be the reliable go-to thermostat, and those in search of simplicity would pick the GoControl Battery Powered Z-Wave thermostat.

But for homeowners who prioritize the look of their interior home, the ADC-T3000 thermostat would be their first option. As a smart homeowner, it is up to you to find the right Z-Wave Thermostat for your home.


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