Aprilaire Thermostat


Aprilaire has a range of Thermostats that allow you to control your home’s temperature, humidity, and air purity. Using the smart app on your phone gives you total control of the air quality in your home, even when you are away. In addition to controlling air quality, the Aprilaire thermostat will also provide alerts about changing filter schedules and water panels. Troubleshooting your Aprilaire Thermostat is a simple matter of following guidelines to test and correct the various functions of the thermostat. While the manuals for the different models will provide detailed operational steps, here, we will go through ways to fix malfunctions in the system. We have made it easy for you to identify problems with your specific model as we deal with each model separately. The individual models’ manuals suggest some checks, so checking the manual is always a good starting point. Thermostat model 8355 Troubleshooting Guide ProblemSolution 1.…