Wyze thermostat


You have a Wyze thermostat controlling your HVAC system and devices, but like all thermostats, it encounters problems from time to time. Usually, you call your HVAC technician to attend to the problem but you wonder now whether you can’t troubleshoot and rectify most of the issues yourself and thus save money. Yes, there are issues that you can troubleshoot and fix yourself such as moving your Wi-Fi router to ensure a good Wi-Fi connection, or power cycling the thermostat when it doesn’t turn off when the right temperature has been reached. Although you can fix most problems yourself there will still be issues that can only be resolved by a trained technician. In this article, I discuss troubleshooting steps for the most common issues that your Wyze thermostat might encounter. For your convenience, I start by giving you a list of the issues I discuss with a brief indication…