The world around us has changed in the last 5 years. We’ve moved to a world connected by smartphones and the internet. Can you imagine a world without Apple iphones, Androids, Google and Amazon ? Well, the internet has become so indispensable in our life like salt in our daily dishes. New generation thermostats makes good use of internet with builtin WiFi capability. Smart thermostats like Nest, Ecobee, MySa – all have built in WiFi and can be controlled via internet using your smartphones. Apart from smart thermostats, there are also digital programmable thermostats with WiFi feature like Emerson Sensi ST75 and Honeywell RTH9585WF. In this guide, we’re covering the advantages of benefits of using a WiFi thermostat.

We’ve published a big guide on WiFi thermostats, covering all thermostat models with WiFi feature. If you’re looking for a good WiFi thermostat, please read our guide.

Why should you use a smart wifi thermostat instead of conventional one?

A wifi thermostat can help you to control your home/business temperature from anywhere around the world with the help of applications available(ios/android etc). It makes your life very easy. You may need to spend some additional bucks, but the wifi thermostats are totally worth for it. More over  this additional amount spent will come back to your pocket as savings at the end of the day.

  1. Control from anywhere in the world – The WiFi thermostats can be controlled from anywhere in the world . You want your home to be cool and pleasant when you reach there after office? Just set the required settings(temperature) for your house from your office , and your home will be welcoming you with pleasant cool ambiance which you desired!
  2. Smart device compatibility –  You can use your laptop,pc,tablet,phone etc to control your thermostat.

    Smart phone controlled thermostat
    Smart phone controlled thermostat
  3. Easiness–  You already might be familiar with  applications now a days(android/ios etc).  Totally cool and friendly applications right? These applications built  to control the wifi thermostats are also very clean, smart, stylish and user friendly in order to make your job damn easy.
  4. Improves Efficiency– A wifi thermostat gives you alerts and updates about the maintanance of the devices connected. Say , the change of the airfilter. This makes your systems more capable of running in an efficient and productive manner.
  5. Easy management of multiple devices – You can manage multiple thermostats residing in various locations in the world (your office, business,home, factory etc)  all using the different smart devices.  You can save your time and sit relaxed wherever you are as you have the control in hand.
  6. More precision–  Wifi thermostats do have  more accuracy.  The swing and variations are much less compared to conventional thermostats. Nest/Honeywell wifi smart thermostats says around +-1 degree swing in temperature.
  7. More savings– For sure, wifi thermostats gives you more control owing its user friendliness which ultimately result in more energy saving. Ideally a smart wifi thermostat can pay for itself. Nest, Honeywell thermostat can save you around 20 percent in average(depending on your family and surroundings).  If your annual electrical bill is around 1200-1500 $ , you, most probably would be saving around 250$ a year . Which means you get the thermostat for free (with 1 year of savings), also you can all these benefits of thermostat too like(comfort,management,better living etc.
  8. Looks – These wifi thermostats comes in terrific looks, the Nest thermostat stands top in the list for look.  The nest thermostat does have unique, contemporary and trendy design which adds attraction to your interior.   You can change its display matching your house’s interior. Complete touch operation is another specialty of most of the   wifi thermostats. honeywell -smart- thermostat
  9. Alerts – You can receive alert  to your smart phone/email etc with respect to your house temperature variation. Like the house is too cold or too hot ,  and you can handle this situation very easily with the mentioned applications. Also it sends alerts whenever a system breaks or fails, so that you can take  the necessary actions even if you are away.
  10. Remote control over your fans –  You can control your fans, you can program it and can turn it off/on remotely. Say ,you had some unexpected guests in home and you are in office, the wifi thermostat allow you to turn on the fan that the guests can stay  inside your home relaxed until you reach the house.

    nest wifi thermostat fan controls
    nest wifi thermostat fan controls
  11. Intelligence- The nest learning thermostat is that intelligent that you doesnt even need to program it. It can learn your prefered settings and act as per your wish automatically . Have a look at the small video demonstration of the Nest learning thermostat.


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