Carrier Cor is a 7-day programmable thermostat with energy-saving features and ease of use. Like a programmable thermostat, it can control your room’s heating or cooling system at a scheduled time without having you adjust the temperature manually.

Carrier Cor thermostat is available at a price range of $200-$250 and offers plenty of features. Whether you are at home, on the road, or at work, you can easily control the thermostat with the tips of your fingers. In addition to controlling temperatures and saving money, the thermostat monitors humidity levels and the temperature outside and inside your house.

So the basic question is — Should you consider buying a Carrier Cor thermostat?

To help you find out, we have written a detailed review of the thermostat. Let’s see if the Carrier Cor thermostat is worth placing in your home or not.

Carrier Cor Thermostat: What’s New

Over a century ago, the company which designed and manufactured modern air conditioning has now taken charge of thermostats. With the Carrier Cor thermostat, you can control the entire temperature of your home from the palm of your hand. Its impressive energy-saving features have helped homeowners save 20% on their energy bills.

Carrier Cor’s Smart setback features allow the thermostat to proactively respond beyond manual programming for increased efficiency while still reaching your preferred comfort levels. Energy reports that display the performance of your system let you change your settings to maximize savings.

Here are the key specifications of the Carrier Cor thermostat.

  • ‎7.2 x 7.2 x 2.2 inches
  • 7-day programmable thermostat
  • Black color
  • LCD touch screen
  • Heating and cooling control functions

Overall, the Carrier Cor thermostat is equipped with impressive features, at least on paper.

Design and Display

Like most modern smartphones, Carrier Cor gives the same look — a rectangular design with round edges — but in landscape mode. It measures 7.2 x 7.2 x 2.2 inches in size and sports an LCD screen based on touch so you can adjust the temperature without pressing any buttons.

Source: Amazon

Since the thermostat has a touchscreen, touch the icons on the display to select or activate them. For example, touch Back to return to the previous screen, touch Done to return to the Home Screen, touch Cancel to return to the previous screen without saving changes, touch Save to return to the previous screen and save changes, and touch an up or down arrow for each increment on display.

On display, you get several options to configure the thermostat.

  • Fan mode – configure your fan mode
  • Current temperature – your home’s current temperature
  • Touch- N- Go Feature – quickly manage your home’s comfort and energy usage when you’re on the go
  • Current humidity – displays the current humidity of your home
  • Information button – learn helpful tips for each screen
  • Wi-Fi signal strength – connection to your home’s wireless network
  • Operating mode – change the mode of your heating or cooling system
  • Temperature set points – use the arrows to adjust your desired heating or cooling temperatures
  • Menu button – view more thermostat features and preferences

That said, the Carrier Cor thermostat offers plenty of configuring options, though the design might not impress everyone.

Thermostat Features

Carrier Cor Smart Thermostat has plenty of features that will help you save power and money on your utility bills. The $250 Carrier Cor is an Internet-connected thermostat, and, like its competitors, it lets you remotely monitor and control your home’s temperature from a smartphone or PC.

It is easy to adjust your home’s temperature from a smartphone, but Carriers Cor does not have geofencing technology, so it does not adjust the temperature automatically when you arrive home. Nor does it employ geofencing, like Honeywell’s Lyric, to automatically crank up your heating when you are close to home.

The “Smart Backoff” function helps you save energy by monitoring your home’s temperature and humidity, and the weather outside, and adjusts the time when you power up the heating and cooling systems to maximize efficiency.

Carrier Cor thermostat also features an Air Circulation mode that is useful in seasons when your HVAC system is not running frequently. In that case, this setting can be used to circulate the air all around your house even when your system is not heating or cooling.

One of the main benefits of the Cor thermostat is that it generates thorough information on your home’s energy use for heating and cooling. It will keep track of both interior and exterior temperatures. However, it does not make use of external sensors (for your bedroom or kitchen, for example).

It plots your system activity as it collects data over time, allowing you to compare your month-to-month energy use and your home’s usage in comparison to the rest of your neighborhood. Of course, for some folks, this may be information overload.

The energy reports that result show households exactly when energy is utilized to cut expenditures and optimize energy savings.

Furthermore, the thermostat will measure the total hours of operating time so you know when to change the filters. A filter reminder may be set depending on the number of hours used or the calendar.

Installation and Setup

Carrier doesn’t recommend installing the thermostat on your own. Instead, a technician is required to do the installation. However, the installation process is the same as other thermostats and requires a Common wire or C-wire to function. Typically, a Carrier Cor thermostat plus installation costs about five hundred dollars – with the Carrier Cor. It claims that you will easily recoup that investment in the amount of power saved on your monthly utility bills.

When connected to your personal online site, the Carrier Cor thermostat offers the most functionality and energy savings. If you did not connect your thermostat during installation, go to Menu > Settings > Register Thermostat and follow the on-screen instructions.

To save time, place your home Wi-Fi network password and an Internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or laptop near the thermostat before you begin. Wi-Fi Configuration Most Wi-Fi installs take roughly 60 seconds to complete. Your thermostat will provide a list of all visible Wi-Fi networks, as well as the signal strength of each. If your network’s signal strength is poor, consider relocating your router closer to the thermostat.

If your network appears in the list:

  1. Select your network from the list
  2. Touch Next.
  3. Enter your password, if prompted.
  4. Once connected, your thermostat will register itself with the Carrier servers and provide you with a 4-digit code.
  5. Jot down the 4-digit code. It will be required when you register for a Web Portal account. This code will be invalid in 1 hour.

If your network is not mentioned, select it. Configure Wi-Fi and touch manually Next (you must manually input your network settings, including the Router ID):

  1. Enter the password if your network is password-protected.
  2. This will guide you through the manual Wi-Fi setup procedure, where you will be required to provide information about your network, such as whether it is DHCP or a static IP, the network SSID name, encryption, password, and so on.
  3. Once connected, your thermostat will register itself with the Carrier servers and provide you with a 4-digit code.
  4. Note down the 4-digit code. It will be required when you register for a Web Portal account. This code will be invalid in 1 hour.
  5. Touch Next to continue.

You are now ready to register your thermostat after configuring Wi-Fi and getting your registration code. When using a tablet or laptop, navigate to and click on “Login” at the top right of the page. Next to the image of your thermostat, press the register button.

Download the free Carrier Côr thermostat app from your device’s app store if you’re using a smartphone. Launch the app, then tap the Register button.

To register and establish your personal web portal, follow the directions on the screen.

Smart Home Compatibility

The smart home compatibility of the Carrier Cor thermostat is a bit confusing. There are two versions of this thermostat – TP-WEM01 and TP-WEM01-A. While both versions support Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit is only supported by the TP-WEM01-A thermostat. Both versions are identical in appearance and features so it can be hard to judge if you are looking to control the thermostat using Siri. It’s sad to say that neither of the versions supports Google Assistant.

The Carrier Cor thermostat is compatible with all 24-volt HVAC systems. It will support up to two phases of heating and cooling in typical systems. It will also support two extra stages of supplemental heating for heat pumps though 5 wires are required (one for power).

The Good

  • Large touchscreen LCD display
  • Registration and setup are quick and easy
  • Supports Amazon Alexa
  • Features Air Circulation mode

The Bad

  • Pretty expensive considering the features
  • Requires technician to install the thermostat
  • Doesn’t support Google Assistant

Should you buy Carrier Cor Thermostat?

The Carrier Cor thermostat price seems to be hovering in the same price range as Nest third-generation learning thermostats, and far above most Honeywell smart thermostats. The Honeywell Home T5+ smart thermostat is a smarter thermostat with less cost, but it still offers most of the essential features from other choices.

Although it costs a bit more than Carrier Cor, the Nest Learning Thermostat offers a far more user-friendly interface than the Carrier Cor, as it does not have the finicky touchscreen. But again, Carrier Cor has its own pros and cons. It features a simple design with decent functionalities and plenty of energy-saving features. Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to the expectations when compared with its competitors.


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