Trane is a popular thermostat brand. But do they make smart thermostats?

Trane makes smart thermostats. In fact, they make several thermostats, and the most popular of them are ComfortLink ll XL850, ComfortLink ll XL1050, XL824, and XR724 thermostats.

If you want to know more about these thermostats and what qualifies them as smart, continue reading.

What is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat allows you to remotely control your home heating and cooling from a smartphone or tablet.  

The ability to remotely control your home environment is only the beginning of a smart thermostat’s features. The smart thermostat will learn about your lifestyle. When you’re home and the temperature makes you feel comfortable. It will switch on your HVAC system before you get home and switch it off when you leave.

Smart thermostats can adjust the temperature based on the number of people in the house. They can also receive weather-related information and adjust your HVAC system to accommodate weather changes.

Smart thermostats will also provide details of energy usage and patterns of consumption. They can even compare your energy consumption to consumers in surrounding areas.

Why Trane Thermostat is smart?

Trane Thermostats are smart because they can be remotely managed from a range of internet-connected devices and have some great additional features to control the heating and cooling of your home.

Here we highlight the features that make Trane thermostats genuinely clever at making your life easier and simultaneously reducing your energy bill.

Analyze your Energy Use

Trane Smart Thermostats can analyze your energy usage and remind you when it’s time for maintenance on your system.

Learning your Schedule

Trane smart thermostats will anticipate your temperature needs without you having to provide any input. The Smart Thermostat systems will monitor and adjust home temperatures independently.

The Trane Smart Thermostat will learn your habits around the home and your time away. This information will be incorporated into the management of your HVAC system without you having to make any input.

There are four smart thermostat models to choose from. They all require an active broadband internet connection and a wi-fi connection.

Reduce Energy Costs

By efficiently programming your temperature requirements, Trane smart Thermostats will not only trim your energy bill by at least ten percent but also intelligently predict your heating or cooling requirements based on your home occupancy.

This reduction in energy usage not only puts money back in your pocket but also gives the environment a healthy and much-needed boost. As an added feature, the energy consumption reports will include helpful tips and ideas on making even more significant energy savings.

Link to Weather Stations

One of the intelligent features of the Trane Smart Thermostat is the ability to link up with weather forecasting apps. All you need to do is to enter your zip code, and the smart thermostat will monitor weather forecasts for your area and adjust your home temperature requirements accordingly.

Linking to Wi-fi Systems

At home, the ability to change your temperature can be as simple as telling Alexa that you are feeling a little cold. Trane Smart Thermostats are compatible with most voice command systems.

Remote Management

The dedicated app lets you control your home temperature wherever you are. You can also monitor your energy consumption from the comfort of your phone or tablet. This feature will provide you with up-to-the-minute details of current energy consumption.

The Trane Smart Thermostat can anticipate heating or cooling requirements based on your location. It will even monitor your HVAC system and diagnose problems.


Trane Smart Thermostats have a ‘Home Away’ function or what some call ‘Geofencing.’ This feature takes care of those days when switching off the air con has slipped your mind.

The app creates a boundary around your home, and as soon as you cross the border, the system is activated or deactivated, depending on your direction. Leaving home, the system is switched off, while returning home activates the system.

Best Trane Smart Thermostat Models

ComfortLink  ll XL850 Thermostat

The system has two speeds and five heat stages.

With a full-color touch screen, a little over four inches, the readout from the screen is clear and easily adjusted. It is compatible with other wi-fi systems and can be programmed for seven days with four daily schedules.

ComfortLink  ll XL1050 Thermostat

From this seven-inch full-color touchscreen, complete climate control is a click away.

Using Z-wave technology, the system is fully compatible with domestic wi-fi components, plus the facility to remotely manage your heating and cooling requirements using your smartphone.

XL824 Thermostat

This unit can manage two indoor air quality products simultaneously.

Operating at two speeds, it has five heating stages. Incorporating smart features using Z-wave technology, it offers excellent features to maintain an efficient energy management system.

XR724 Thermostat

The system is programmable for seven days with a four-schedule per day capability.

The smart features come with diagnostic features easily monitored from the four-and-a-third-inch black and white touch screen.


Will smart thermostats work if there is no Wi-fi?

Smart systems will continue to work but will be restricted to within the home. Remote connectivity will be limited.

Is an internet connection required for a smart thermostat to operate efficiently?

The short answer is yes. Without an internet connection, your smart thermostat will operate as a conventional programmable thermostat.

Will a smart thermostat work during a power outage?

Unless you have an alternative backup power source, your smart thermostat will not work during a power outage, and neither will your HVAC system unless you can supply an alternative power source such as an inverter and batteries.


Technology around Smart Thermostats continues to learn about human activity in the home and adjust the HVAC system automatically. In addition to enhancing the comfort of efficient temperature control, Trane Smart Thermostats will positively contribute to energy bill savings.


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