Which brand comes to your mind when you hear the words “thermostats” and “smart
technology”? You guessed it correctly. The answer to your question is – The Honeywell.
The Honeywell is a well-known thermostat brand that provides home users with the utmost comfort at their fingertips. It gets integrated nicely with the home wi-fi system. Within this brand, the Honeywell T9 and T10 thermostats are two smart products that are well-known for their features and technology.

Let’s first look at these products individually before proceeding to their side-by-side comparison and the results.

Honeywell T9 SMART Thermostat with Sensor

Honeywell T9 SMART Thermostat with Sensor is a thermostat that consistently gives near-perfect heating and cooling temperatures. Smart room sensors allow you to control the temperature from anywhere.

It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in the living room and want to change the temperature in the bedroom. It’s simple to accomplish this using the Honeywell T9 thermostat or via Honeywell Home Application. T9 features an advanced motion detection system. It means T9 can differentiate when someone enters or exits a room, thus automatically adjusting the temperature.

Being a smart thermostat means it is easily accessible via your smart device/phone. It leads us to another advantage of T9. T9 is completely compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, AppleHomeKit, Cortana, and IFTTT. This compatibility allows us to access T9 and change its setting from anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are indoors or outdoors. If you desire to come to a cool or chilled home when coming outdoors, you can conveniently change the temperature from your phone.

T9 comes with features like scheduling, geofencing, reminders, and generating monthly home energy reports.

  • You wish to schedule your thermostat to adjust the temperature at a particular time. Not to worry, the T9 smart thermostat is totally capable of doing it. Apart from using the thermostat interface, scheduling can also be done via mobile apps. Various alternatives like location-based schedules, time-based schedules, or no schedules are available from which you can select as per your requirement.
  • With geofencing, T9 smart thermostat uses your smartphone’s location which will help in saving money by cutting down the energy consumption while you are away.
  • Set the IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) reminders and they will help you in reminding whether it’s time to purchase/replace filters, pads, or UV bulbs.
  • T9 generates monthly reports which help in analyzing heating and cooling trends. These reports allow you to compare your energy usage while also offering advice on how to use less energy. Consequently, saving your money by lowering the amount on your bill.

Honeywell T10 PRO SMART Thermostat with REDLINK Room Sensor

Honeywell T10 PRO SMART Thermostat with REDLINK Room Sensor is a one-step ahead of T9 SMART Thermostat with Sensor.

It has all the features which the T9 model comprises, as well as some additional advanced features too. T10 Thermostat does all the things that T9 does like adjusting the temperature of any room from anywhere, prioritizing the room or rooms based on occupancy, and scheduling the temperature of a particular room to a certain limit. Like T9, T10 Thermostat too is completely compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, AppleHomeKit, Cortana, and IFTTT. Install the Resideo app and configure your T10 Thermostat there for the best results.

Apart from the above features, the T10 Thermostat has its own range of smart features. T10 Thermostat can help you in prioritizing comfort in multiple rooms at different times like you can focus on the living room, kitchen during the daytime and bedrooms, and nursery at night. This allows the T10 Thermostat to create a balanced temperature across the entire home. T10 Thermostat has 3 advanced IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) features. These features are Humidification, Dehumidification, and Ventilation. Humidification and Dehumidification will control the indoor humidity level and allows the user to set a particular level with or without window protection.

Thanks to easy installation and setup, the T10 thermostat can be up and running in no time. This allows the user to enjoy cozy surroundings instantaneously. Additionally, T10 Thermostat helps you in saving your money by decreasing energy consumption. The thermostat can intelligently adapt to your lifestyle thanks to location-based modes like home and away, which automatically adjusts the temperature thereby giving you ultimate energy savings. T10 Thermostat is a smart thermostat that understands your home’s heating and cooling cycles very easily. This allows T10 to send alerts when temperatures swing drastically or it’s time to replace filters.

Detailed comparison of Honeywell T9 Vs Honeywell T10:

Feature T9 SMART Thermostat
with Sensor
Thermostat with REDLINK
Room Sensor
Smart Home Integration Yes Yes
Warranty 2 Years 5 Years
Wi-Fi Type 2.4 and 5.0 GHz 2.4 and 5.0 GHz
Utility Rewards Yes Yes
Stages: Up to 3 Heat/2 Cool Yes Yes
Stages: Up to 2 Heat/2 Cool No Yes
Control Function: Heating,
Yes Yes
Control Function: Humidify,
Dehumidify, Ventilation
No Yes
Fan Function: On, Auto,
Yes Yes
Program Modes: 7-Day
programmable, Geofencing
Yes Yes
Program Modes: Manual,
Occupancy through App
No Yes
Alerts and Reminders:
Battery Replacement,
Communication Error, WiFi
No Internet, WiFi Radio
Error, Air filter 1, Humidifier
pad, Dehumidifier filter,
Ventilator filter, Heat Pump
Failure, Internal Sensor
Yes Yes
Alerts and Reminders: Air
filter 2, UV Bulb 1/2,
Humidifier Tank/Water filter,
Electronic Air Cleaner
No Yes
Supports Additional
Up to 20 Yes
Display Type Touch Screen Touch Screen
Compatible with:
AppleHomeKit, Google
Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT,
Yes Yes
Dimension (W x D x H) 4.92 x 3.7 x0.94 in 4.92 x 3.7 x 0.95 in


Since both thermostats are smart and equipped to maintain cozy surroundings as per the user’s preference, it is quite a difficult choice to be made. If you desire to have additional control features of humidifier/dehumidifier/ventilation T10 PRO SMART Thermostat is the best choice. With a little extra price T10, PRO Smart Thermostat offers advanced alerts/reminders setup when compared to T9 Thermostat.

In the lesser price range, T9 Thermostat also gives a complete range of services and options to the user. Whether prioritizing multiple room setups, motion detection in active rooms, or geofencing, every main feature is supported by T9. If price limit is your concern then T9 is a decent option to go for.

Honeywell brand takes pride in providing thermostats and their services which help people in creating a more comfortable environment. It also prefers to take it up a notch than its competitors and provide higher-quality products. This ensures that users can confidently purchase these products and enjoy them in their homes.


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