Honeywell Inc is renowned for producing quality thermostats in all price ranges and has a wide range of capabilities in terms of design and model. Whether you want a high-end sleek, touch-screen thermostat with self-learning features or a simple manual thermostat, you have got a plethora of options to choose from. The choice of thermostat depends on the way our lifestyle is shaped and of course, the budget.

If you like a simple thermostat model and are not a big fan of the technology or you stay at home for the major part of the day, then you can easily go for a non-programmable thermostat. This type of digital thermostat is pure bliss for people who just love simplicity.

It will save your time from programming, give you the liberty to change the temperature whenever you wish to, and at the same time, it is an extremely cheap option when compared to other thermostat models.

Here in this article, we will talk about a digital non-programmable thermostat from the house of Honeywell, named TL7235A1003.

Honeywell TL7235A1003 Line Volt Pro Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat with Electronic Temperature Control, 240-Volt

TL7235A1003 is a double pole, 240 volt line thermostat designed exclusively for baseboard heaters, convectors and fan-forced heaters. The contemporary design of this thermostat blends in perfectly with any wall decor.

You can set the temperature anywhere in the range of 40F to 86F. The push buttons on the from panel provide easy control over the process of setting the desired temperature. The clear, digital LCD display shows some vital information and can be backlit, whenever we want it to be.

Thanks to the DPST switch, the clicking noise is reduced which means a less noisy operation.

This was a small gist and overview about the product, to know the different features in detail read on.


Honeywell’s TL7235A1003 is built in a 4.875 in. x 2.75 in. x 0.875 in. (H×W×D) heavy-duty package. It is quite sturdy and does not break easily. The front panel consists of an LCD screen three push buttons and an on/off toggle switch. The first two buttons are the UP/DOWN temperature adjustment buttons. These buttons have been indicated through an up-arrow at the top of the Up button and a down-arrow at the bottom of the down button, which makes it easier to access without any confusion.  Pressing any of these two buttons illuminates the LCD screen for 10 sec.

The third button controls the backlight. Once pressed, this would illuminate the LCD screen for 5 Sec. In case you just want to check on the temperature or any other parameters like time etc, but do not want to change the set temperature, this control button comes in handy.

The on/off toggle switch can be used to control the power supply to the heater. Setting it to “OFF” means you have cut the power to the heater.


The LCD digital display of the TLV7235A1003 thermostat is quite informative and gives out clear concise details about the temperature and other important things. The backlight feature makes it readable in any lighting condition.

The main highlight of this display is the heating power indicator which tells you an approximate amount of energy consumed to maintain the set temperature. It has a total of 4 S-shaped bars. One such bar indicates 25% duty cycle approximate. This means, say if your thermostat shows 2 such bars, it indicates that the heater is running on a (25+25)50% approximate duty cycle.

This is a good way to get an idea about the maximum amount of energy being consumed for the set temperature.

Another beneficial feature is the heating indicator, which gives at a glance a confirmation that the heat is on.

The display also shows temperature in Fahrenheit format. By default, the display shows the actual room temperature.

In case you want to have a look at the set temperature, press the up/down button placed at the front panel. The setpoint will flash on the screen for 5 sec.   

It also displays two error messages: “HI” and “LO”, in special cases. “HI” corresponds to the event when the room temperature goes beyond 122 F. The“LO” on the other hand, corresponds to the even when the room temperature is below 32F, which indicates that the heating must be activated.

The display resolution of the temperature is about 1F.

Temperature Precision

The set temperature of this nonprogrammable unit can be adjusted between 40F to 86F. It boasts of maintaining temperature accuracy, owing to the electronic temperature controller used in it. The 1-degree temperature precision can help you save up to 10% on your energy bills.


TLV7235A1003 thermostat unit is designed to control the temperature of the resistive rated electric baseboard heaters, convectors, radiant ceiling heaters, and fan-forced heaters.

It is rated for 15 Amp at 240 Volts which means it can be used for loads only up to 3600Watt.

Not suitable for inductive loads.

Power Source

This thermostat from Honeywell is free from the hassle of battery changing and maintenance. It is wired directly to the 240V, 50-60Hz power source. So, you need not worry about the additional battery charges. It comes with 5,5in copper tinted lead wires for the connection.

The installation of this basic thermostat is quite easy and can be done by anyone who has had prior experience. However, if you are installing it for the first time, it would be safest to get professional help.

Relay Sound

The DPST relay switch used in this thermostat unit maintains the clicking noise at a minimum. This ensures a silent operation and hence can be set up in any room including the bedroom. The silent operation of the relay will not create a hindrance to your sweet sleep.

Just for your quick reference below are the pros and cons of the Honeywell TLV7235A1003.


  • Sturdy build
  • Sleek design blends with any wall decor
  • Easy push button for temperature and back light control
  • On demand illumination of the LCD screen
  • Indicator that shows the heating unit is ON
  • Indicator that shows how much duty cycle needed to maintain the desired temperature
  • UP/DOWN button also serve two other purpose: 1. To illuminate the screen for 10 sec 2. Flash the set temperature for 5 sec.
  • You can shut the heater off when not needed through the ON/OFF switch.  


  • Sometimes the plastic between the relays heat up and alter the temperature, which in turn may affect the accuracy of the unit.
  • Cannot be used for inductive load and cooling system.

These were all the important features of this device you need to know. As already mentioned, if you are looking for a basic thermostat, this product is a great option to consider. Be it for a working at home professional, a retired person, or anyone who is always in and around the house for most of their time, it is obvious that you need not want to spend extra bucks for just changing the temperature when you can easily get it done manually.

In a nutshell, this unit is a simple yet efficient thermostat and aids reduction in the heating energy consumption and increase savings!   


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