If you use a LuxPRO thermostat with your HVAC system, you can lock the panel to prevent children or other unauthorized persons to meddle with the settings. Generally, when you’ve locked the panel yourself, you put the instructions on how to unlock it again in a place where you’ll be able to find it when you need to unlock the thermostat. 

However, sometimes you can’t find the manual or instructions again, or even worse, somebody has locked the panel unintentionally. The question then arises where to get instructions on how to unlock it if you don’t have the manual anymore. 

The good news is that it is possible to get online instructions, or at least tips, on unlocking your LuxPRO thermostat. Most of the commonly used LuxPRO models have detailed instructions available online – either in text or video format. The not-so-good news is that you have to know which model is installed in your home as the unblocking methods vary from model to model.  But even if you don’t know which model you have, you will most probably be able to match your thermostat to photos of the different models online.  

For this article, we’ve compiled the guidelines on how to unlock some of the most common LuxPRO thermostats. We’ll also indicate in most instances how to lock it again after you’ve unlocked it and changed your settings. 


How to Unlock the LuxPRO PSP511Ca thermostat

There are two ways to unlock the LuxPRO PSP511Ca thermostat. You can unlock it by pressing buttons on the thermostat’s panel, and if that is unsuccessful, you can do a software reset.  

Method 1: By pressing buttons on the thermostat’s panel

To unlock your PSP511Ca thermostat’s panel you have to press the “Next” button thrice and then the “Hold” button. As soon as you don’t see the hold icon anymore, you know that your thermostat is unlocked. 

If this method hasn’t successfully unlocked the thermostat, you might have to perform a software reset. 

Method 2: Software reset

To start a software reset, you must find the small white push button on the thermostat – that is the software reset button. It is generally just above the “Next” button, set inside the wall. Push this button by using a pencil or the one end of a paper clip. The thermostat will then be reset and automatically unlocked.

However, you must remember that a software reset will clear all your programmed times and temperatures. All that will not be erased will be the current date and time. Thus, before you do a software reset, ensure that you make notes of the available custom values (if they are not locked and perhaps invisible.)

Once the software resetting has been done, the thermostat has to be reprogrammed. You do this by selecting either the “Heat” or “Cool” mode, and then moving the dial to “Weekday Program.” Then you set preferences for the times and temperatures of the morning, day, evening and night. If you turn the dial to “Weekend” programs, the same periods for Saturday and Sunday will be set. When this is completed, turn the dial to “Run.”

How to unlock the LuxPRO PSP511LC thermostat

To prevent tampering with your settings, most of the front panel buttons of the PSP511LC thermostat can be locked out. 

You can use the following four-button sequence to lock or unlock your thermostat. 

Press: “Next,” ”Next,” “Next,” “Hold.” 

With this sequence, you are locking or unlocking the following buttons and items:

  • the “Up” button, 
  • the “Down” button, 
  • the “Next” button, 
  • the “Hold” button, 
  • the Rotary Dial, and 
  • the Software Reset button. 

You will see a padlock icon in the area above the clock to indicate that the thermostat’s key lock is activated.

You don’t need a code to lock or unlock this thermostat, as the purpose of this thermostat’s locking system is mainly to protect the thermostat from unintentional adjusting of temperatures and settings by touching the buttons accidentally.  

How to unlock the LuxPRO PSP711TS thermostat

Although you need a code, it is relatively very simple and easy to unlock a LuxPRO PSP711TS thermostat. All you have to do is to tap the closed padlock icon on the thermostat display. Then you tap “Yes” and enter your code by using the Up/Down buttons.  Tap “Yes” again if prompted, and the unlocking process will be completed. 

What is the code needed to unlock?

The code you have to enter is the code you’ve created when you’ve locked the thermostat. If you don’t remember your code, you will have to perform a software reset on your thermostat and reset the code to the “000” default code. Let’s look at how you get a new code.

  • To get a lock code start by tapping on “Menu” on the thermostat’s home screen and then scroll to “Set Keyboard Lock.”  
  • Tap “Yes” when prompted, and then enter the default code “000.” 
  • When the panel displays open and closed padlock icons, tap “Yes” and enter a new code. 
  • After you’ve entered your new code, you have to tap “Yes” again for the thermostat to accept the new code. 
  • When it then prompts “Enter Old Code,” you will be returned to the main display if you tap on “Exit.” 

Now you can unlock your thermostat with your new code and make the setting changes you want to make. 

Lock the thermostat again

After you’ve changed what you’ve wanted to change in the settings and temperatures, you can lock your thermostat again. To do that, tap the open padlock icon on your thermostat’s display.  When “Lock Key” appears on the screen, tap “Yes.” A closed padlock icon will now appear on the screen, indicating that the thermostat is now locked. 

To make it easy to unlock again later, remember your code or write it down somewhere.

How to unlock the LuxPRO tx100e thermostat

When your LuxPRO tx100e thermostat is locked there will be flashing digits on the panel. To change the flashing digits, use the Up/Down buttons. You’ll have to use the “Next” button for cycling through the flashing digits. Press and hold the “Next” button for at least 5 seconds. The thermostat will then return to the normal screen, and there will not be a padlock icon anymore.  

How to unlock the LuxPRO TX9000TS thermostat

If the keyboard lock of the TX9000TS is activated, you will see a little icon of a locked padlock on the display. You need a code to unlock this thermostat. 

If you’ve forgotten the code, you can get a new code by taking the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to take the front half of the thermostat off the wall.
  • On the back of the thermostat, look for a small white button on the circuit board which is labeled “H.W. Reset.” (The “H.W. Reset” stands for “Hardware Reset.”)    
  • Press this white button and hold it down for at least 3 seconds.
  • The padlock icon on the screen should now be shown as an open padlock. 

Your thermostat will now be unlocked and reset to code “000.” 

As with any software resetting all your programmed data will be gone. You will even have to reset the day and time, apart from the reprogramming of all your settings. 

Lock again

If you want to lock the thermostat again after you’ve reset and changed what you wanted to change, you  

  • press the “Menu” button,
  • press the “Scroll” button 6 times,
  • press the “Yes” button 2 times,
  • enter your code using the up and down buttons, and then
  • touch “Yes” and end with “Exit.”
  • To lock the keypad, just hit the padlock icon on the display screen. 
  • When it prompts “Lock key,” tap “Yes.”

Remember to store the code somewhere for when you want to unlock the thermostat again.

How to unlock the LuxPRO PSP722E thermostat

To unlock the LuxPRO PSP722E thermostat, you have to follow these steps:

  • Press the “Setup” button on the thermostat.
  • Enter your lock code. Enter it one digit at a time.
  • Press “Next” after you’ve entered each code number.

 If you’ve entered the correct code, the unit will be unlocked. 

If you’ve forgotten your code, look for the Software Reset button at the back of the unit’s circuit board and press it. This will unlock your thermostat but simultaneously erase all your custom settings and restore the default settings. 

You’ll have to reconfigure your device as if newly installed. 

Lock again

If you want to lock the thermostat again after you’ve completed the new configurations, follow the next steps: 

  • Press the “Setup” button on your thermostat as the first step.
  • Then select “Full” or “Partial.” (A full lock disables all the keys except the “Setup” button and “S.W Reset” button. A partial lock allows other users to adjust temperatures without unlocking the thermostat.)
  • Press “Next” and set your lock code (3 digits). 
  • You have to enter one digit at a time – you have to press “Enter” after each digit has been entered. 

The unit will lock after entering the last digit and you’ve pressed “Next.”


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