When you installed a Trane thermostat for your HVAC system in your home a few months ago you locked the thermostat using the device’s touchscreen.  Now, with the change in weather at the start of the new season, you want to change some of your thermostat settings, but you can’t find the thermostat’s manual to see how to unlock your thermostat. You urgently need to know what steps to follow to unlock your Trane thermostat.

It is easy to unlock your Trane thermostat by following a few simple steps. Even if you’ve forgotten your 4-digit locking code, there is a way to trick the thermostat into unlocking.

In this article, I’ll explain the steps you have to take to unlock your thermostat and then I’ll briefly discuss why it is good practice to lock the thermostat again after you’ve made the setting changes.  I’ll also reveal the trick of how to unlock your Trane thermostat if you’ve forgotten your 4-digit locking code.  If you just have a question regarding the locking of your Trane thermostat, you can skip to the FAQs at the end – perhaps you’ll find a short answer to your question there.  If not, read the whole article.

How to unlock your Trane thermostat

To unlock the touchscreen of your Trane thermostat, you have to follow a few easy steps:

  • Look at your thermostat display screen and find the “Locked Padlock” icon. @ Click on this icon.
  • The thermostat screen will prompt the question of whether you want to unlock it. To proceed, you have to press “OK.”
  • The screen will now prompt you to enter the unlock code. This is the same code that you initially used to lock the thermostat. Use the “Up,” “Down,” and “Next” buttons to insert the code digit by digit and press “OK.”

Your Trane thermostat will now be unlocked, and the screen will return to the normal display. The padlock icon will not be on the screen anymore. You can now change the settings on your thermostat.

Why should you lock the thermostat again?

It is a good policy to lock your thermostat again after you’ve unlocked it and made the setting changes you wanted to do. The two main reasons why I recommend that you use the locking feature on your Trane thermostat are the following:

Safeguard your settings against unintentional changes

If the thermostat is not locked, the settings can unintentionally be changed when cleaning the area around the thermostat or dusting the screen. You or somebody else can also unintentionally bump against the thermostat, causing it to change settings.

If the thermostat is locked, you’ll know that the settings cannot be changed unless you unlock the thermostat again and make the changes.

Prevent other people from intentionally changing the settings

If you want to be the only person to set your thermostat, you also have to lock it. Without unlocking it, it is not possible to make changes to the thermostat’s settings.

How to lock your Trane thermostat again.

Ensure that the thermostat is in either “heating mode” or “cool mode” and that the slide switch is in the “run” position.

  • Press “Menu” and hold the “Next” button for 5 seconds
  • ”Lock Code” will be displayed on the screen and when it changes to “Set Code,” press “OK.”
  • You will then be prompted to insert a 4-digit code. (This is the same code you’ll use when you want to unlock your thermostat again.)  You can lock it with the default code, “0000,” or put in any other code. Use the “Up,” “Down,” and “Next” buttons to choose the numbers of your code.
  • Your last step is to activate the lock by pressing “OK.” The thermostat will lock and then return to the normal run screen.

Can you trick or bypass the locked status of your thermostat?

The answer is yes, you can trick the locked status. On the one hand, this is good news for you when you want to unlock your thermostat and you’ve forgotten the locking code, but unfortunately, on the other hand, it also means that anyone who knows how to use this trick can unlock the thermostat and make setting changes.

Thus, by locking your thermostat, you do not really exclude everyone else from changing settings on your thermostat. However, many homeowners tell me that although other members of the household know how to trick the thermostat’s locked feature, they seldom go through the “schlep” to make changes.

But when the thermostat is not locked, it is much easier to just make a setting change and family members more frequently change the settings to suit their personal preferences.  

By locking the thermostat, the unintentional changes to the settings as a result of bumping into the thermostat or cleaning it, are basically all prevented.  

How to trick the locked status of your Trane thermostat

To unlock your Trane thermostat without a code, you have to follow the following procedure:

  • Locate both the “+” and “-” buttons on the screen.
  • Place one of your fingers on the “+” symbol button and another finger on the “-“symbol button.
  • Press both buttons simultaneously and keep them pressed for about 5 seconds.
  • When you now release your fingers, your Trane thermostat is unlocked, and setting changes can be made.


Although you can’t completely lock out other people when you lock your thermostat, it is a great help to prevent unintentional changing of the settings.


Can you lock a Trane thermostat?

If you have a Trane HVAC system installed in your home, you may have the option of locking your thermostat to prevent changes from others.

Can a Trane thermostat be tricked to unlock without a code?

Yes, it is possible and it can be a great help if you’ve forgotten your 4-digit lock code.

Can you temporarily override a Trane thermostat?

Yes, You can make the Trane thermostat change its programmed schedule temporarily or permanently.  This feature can be activated on your Trane thermostat by pressing the “Up” and “Down” arrows 2 times. Then you’ll have to choose your preferred settings. After you’ve chosen the settings, wait for 10 seconds to save the settings and exit the home screen. 

If you encounter problems overriding a locked Trane thermostat, you can try to press the “Hold” button down for five seconds. This sometimes will allow you to restart your thermostat.

The thermostat will hold the set temperature until the hold period expires or the hold gets manually canceled.


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