Looking for a simple, digital thermostat with no hassles of programming associated with it? Then, have a look at Lux Products Co’s one of the simplest digital nonprogrammable thermostats, the LUX DMH 110.

LUX DMH110 has been designed for people who stay alone or stay at home for the most part of their day and do not require a high-end programmable thermostat. This type of thermostat lets you set a temperature for as long as you want. It will continue to control the heating system at the set temperature until there is a change in command. 

LUX DMH110 is affordable and looks good even in its conventional design. You can be assured of an electronic accuracy while you enjoy the simplicity of a manual traditional thermostat, with LUXDMH110. It can be used for both heat and cool operations and has a slide switch to select the operating mode. 

It is compatible to work with most 24V heating and A/C systems like heat/1 cool: gas, oil, electric or single stage heat pump systems, 2-wire heat-only hydronic systems hot water baseboard and radiator, millivolt systems (wall heaters/furnaces and gas fireplaces).

This was a brief introduction of the product, if you feel it’s the right one for you then, read on, as we describe its features. 


LUX DMH110 sports a rectangle-shaped design with dimensions being 5″ x 2 3/4″ x 1″. Even though the thermostat is seized a little larger than an average thermostat, but the user interface is quite impressive. On the front panel you can see a digital display, two slide switches, and some pushbuttons

Since the thermostat can be used for both heating and cooling, one of the slide switches has been provided to choose the heating/cooling mode. In case, you want to turn Off the heating/cooling unit, you can place the switch on the “OFF” position. Another Slide switch has been provided to control the fan settings. You can set it either as ON or AUTO. These slide switches not only give an aesthetic look to the thermostat but also add to the convenience of use.

In order to change the set temperature two soft, Up/Down pushbuttons have been provided with arrows indicating the same. In the middle of these two buttons is a “Save” push button, which is a one-touch solution to saving energy. It automatically increases the temperature by 5 F when in heating mode, and lowers the temperature by 5F when in cooling mode. You can easily return from the save mode by just pushing the button again. 


 LUX DMH110 has a fairly large backlit digital display. The backlight activates once any of the pushbuttons are pressed. It goes out after around 10 seconds. The font is pretty readable and clear. It gives basic information like the ambient temperature and the low battery indicator to remind you to change the batteries. The ambient temperature will be displayed on the screen, once you press either of the up/down buttons. The temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius format, based on your choice of display. 

Temperature Precision

The operation of LUX DMH110 does not involve any complex procedures. Just get up to the thermostat and use the up/down button to set the desired temperature. The thermostat will use this input and maintain the room temperature at this set point. You can set the temperature anywhere in the range of 450F to 900F. The electronic accuracy gives precise temperature control for maximum efficiency. 

Temperature Swing

You can adjust where the temperature difference between the values where the heating/cooling system should start and then shut down. This temperature difference called the temperature swing can be adjusted by the users in this LUX DMH110 model. 

You can choose a temperature swing that has a value in the range of 1 to 9. The little “save” button, which by default is used to set an automatic energy-efficient temperature, can be used to set the temperature swing as well.  

Just long-press the “save” button, and a single-digit number will appear. This number is the set temperature swing of your thermostat. If you want to alter this, use the up/down buttons till you reach the desired value. 

Clicking Sound

The clicking sound of a manual thermostat can be a trouble maker while in a silent room. This thermostat does have a clicking sound each time the thermostat turns on and off. The sound is however soft when compared to other manual thermostats. 

Temperature Calibration

LUX DMH110 comes accurately calibrated from the factory, but comes with a customizable option of changing the offset room temperature. This comes in handy if there is ambiguity regarding the displayed room temperature. 

You can manually offset the temperature value up to ±5F from the original value. 


LUX DMH110 is a low voltage thermostat and works with both heating and cooling systems such as : heat/1 cool: gas, oil, electric or single-stage heat pump systems, 2-wire heat-only hydronic systems hot water baseboard and radiator, millivolt systems (wall heaters/furnaces and gas fireplaces). 

However, it should NOT be used with:

3 wire Hydronic zone valve systems, line voltage systems like electric baseboard heaters, Multi-stage heat pumps.


Installing LUX DMH110 is quite easy and requires basic tools like screwdrivers, wire stripper/cutter etc. The unit comes with a detailed instruction manual that guides you through the entire installation process. If you are familiar with house wiring and stuff, you can easily carry out the installation. 

Make sure you follow all the guidelines before you select a place to install your thermostat. 

Power Source

LUX DMH110 is a low voltage thermostat but does not power up directly from the source. You will need to use 2 AA batteries to power up the thermostat. A decline in the battery will be shown in the display through a “low battery” indicator. This is a gentle reminder that it’s about time to replace the batteries. 

LUX DMH110: Simple yet Energy efficient 

If you stay at home for the most part of the day and are comfortable with a single temperature setting, LUXDMH110 is a good option to consider buying. It is an energy-efficient package with simple work. Apart from accurate temperature control, the advanced features help in saving you a few good energy units. 

Before we wrap up the article, let us have a quick look into its pros and cons. 


  • Sleek Design with soft push buttons
  • Large, bright backlit digital display
  • Adjustable temperature swing
  • Adjustable temperature offset value
  • One push energy “Save” button
  • Low battery indicator


  • Does not power up directly from source
  • Size looks a bit large
  • Clicking noise, though not loud is still prevalent

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