“LUX TX100E – Customisable, Simple, Efficient 7 Day Programmable Thermostat”

LUX, the Philadelphia-based product company, is one of those leading thermostat providers which produce quality products under a decent budget. They have a wide range of thermostat models in the market from a basic thermostat to a high-end smart thermostat.

Here, we discuss the TX 100 model, which is a programmable low-voltage thermostat from the house of LUX. This 7-day programmable thermostat is highly customizable and very easy to use. It can be programmed for a straight 7days of the week or can be programmed differently for 5 weekdays and 2 weekends. Not only you can program the temperature schedule, but you can also program the configuration of this thermostat. This makes it highly customizable for the operation.

TX 100 is designed to be used for low-voltage (24V)heating and cooling systems. It has a sleek body with easy-to-use push buttons to select the temperature and other features from the menu on its LCD screen.

You will be free from the clicking noises while the thermostat turns on/off, it performs silently. The attractive, mercury-free design is no rocket science to use. It is designed in a way that can be operated by anyone.

It also provides a temporary override and manual hold option which gives you the flexibility to change the preset temperature, in case there is a change in your schedule.

Another great feature of this thermostat is that it provides the freedom to adjust the heating and cooling requirements. There is a slide-up/down button on its front panel that serves the purpose of selecting the heating cooling options.

This was just an overview of what to expect from this thermostat in brief. To know more about its features, read on.


The TX 100E thermostat has a dimension of 1.1×5.4×3.4 inches and weighs around 8 pounds. It has an attractive, mercury-free design that is not only environmentally friendly but also looks good on any wall. It has control buttons on its front panel which include a push button and a slide button.

The set, next, hold and up/down push buttons have been placed for control of software settings. The slide buttons have been given to control the blower fan and the heating-cooling system.

The heating/cooling system can be turned off by sliding the button to the “off” position. While using the thermostat for heating, you can choose the heating option. The same is for the cooling system.

This control panel is easy to use and understand, hence can be operated by anyone without much effort. The LCD screen displays all the vital information and acts as an interface while programming.


Since, the LCD screen plays an important role while programming, it needs to be easily read and understood. The TX100E thermostat’s LCD screen is big enough to ensemble all the important information. It shows the mode, ambient temperature, time, and date. If you want to view the set temperature, simply press the up/down button.

You can change the menu settings, through the menu options displayed on the screen when either of the set/next buttons is pressed. You can also choose which temperature format needs to be displayed: either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The interface is clear and can be read in all lighting conditions. This is because the screen gets illuminated for 10 seconds when any of the buttons are pressed. If any one of the buttons is pressed again while the backlight is on, then the screen will be illuminated for additional 10 seconds.

Programming options

LUX TX100E thermostats provide 2 programming styles to choose from. One is the weekday weekend (5-2)programming style and the other one is an individual routine for each day of the week (7-day programming). You can also choose not to program a schedule by using the manual mode of the thermostat. Here, the thermostat will not follow any routine ad maintain the temperature at the set temperature until it is changed manually using the up/down buttons.

By default, this thermostat uses 4 periods each day. However, you can change to 2 periods per day as well, according to your convenience. Also, if you feel like changing the temperature setting while the thermostat is working, you need not reprogram the whole schedule again. For this, the temperature override option has been given. It sets the temperature to a new value, while the thermostat is still on.  

There is also the option to copy a day’s setting to set the schedule for another day. This saves a lot of time in setting a schedule for days that need similar programs.

In any case, you need the feel to hold a temperature at a set value but want to follow a routine also, and then you can use the temperature hold button. Here, the temperature will be held at a particular value for an indefinite time, as long as it is released.

Since this thermostat can be used for heating and cooling systems, it provides the option to program for both these systems separately.

Another remarkable feature of this thermostat is that, not only can you program the temperature settings but also can do it for calibration settings. In any case, if you feel the results are not accurate and calibration needs to be changed, then you can adjust the room temperature measurement to as low as subtracting 5 degrees to as high as adding 5 degrees Fahrenheit.


TX100E thermostat from LUX is a low-voltage thermostat and is designed to work with a single-stage heating system only. It can be used with a fan blower system only if the “G” wire is used.

It is compatible with: gas, oil, electric, or single-stage heat pump systems, 2-wire heat-only hydronic systems (hot water baseboard and radiator), Millivolt systems (wall heaters/furnaces and gas fireplaces)

It is not compatible with:  Multi-stage heat pumps, 3-wire hydronic zone valve systems, and Line voltage systems (120/240 VAC)


This thermostat can be installed with 2 or 3 wires. In case you need to control the fan blower, you must install the “G” wire.

The installation process has been given in detail in the operation manual of the thermostat. It is advisable to hire professional help for the same if you are not quite familiar with the home wiring techniques.

Power Source

TX 100E is a dual-powered thermostat. This means it can either be powered using 2 AA batteries or can be directly powered through the 24V system.

Miscellaneous features

  • No clicking sound while turning on/off. Fully silent operation makes it suitable to be placed in any room.
  • The configurable temperature swing value gives you the flexibility to adjust how much the temperature can be allowed to “swing” before the thermostat starts its operation.
  • Keep it safe from unauthorized hands by locking the keypad.

These were the main features of the TX100E programmable thermostat in detail. Let us now conclude by listing out the pros and cons of the product.


  • Backlit display
  • Option to turn off the heating/cooling system
  • Silent operation
  • Adjustable temperature swing and calibration
  • Accurate room temperature sensor
  • Easy to program
  • Dual powered
  • 7-day or 5-2 Day Programming


  • Cannot be used for multi-stage heating/cooling systems
  • Not compatible with electric line heaters

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