More than a century old, Lux products corporation is one of the leading companies which produce reliable and innovative thermostat models. Lux win100 is one of its versatile products, that is basic yet a handy little gadget. 

This article gives a brief about the features of LUXWIN100 Model.

The highlight of this product is that it has been built to work for heating and cooling units which have their own power back up. So make sure your HVAC device restarts automatically after a power failure before you invest in this unit. 

Features of Lux Win100 Thermostat

This line thermostat is compatible with 120 Volt, 50 Amp plug, 60 Hz portable space heaters and window air conditioners only. 

Even though it is a digital thermostat, it offers versatile 5-2 day programming options. Although you cannot set a separate schedule for each day of the week, it gives you the option of setting separate programs for the weekdays (Monday-Friday) and weekends (Saturday-Sunday). A total of 4 temperatures can be set for a day. 

The control panel consists of a radial dial, 2 push buttons, and a slide switch, all covered under a flap in front of the thermostat.  

The control speed dial makes programming a breeze. There’re 4 options that can be selected by simply turning the dial to the desired position. The “hold” and “next” push buttons help navigate and set temperatures.  We will discuss more about it in detail, in the later part of the article.

Once you close the flap, all you see on the front of this device, is its digital display and two buttons right next to it. 

The digital display is quite small and gives only the basic idea of the room temperatures, day and time. Next to it are 2 up and down push buttons, to increase or decrease the set temperature.  

This was just an overview of the product; let us get into the details of the products now. 


The design of this 8×5.5×2.2 inches thermostat is very basic. It has a small digital screen on its front along with the up-down buttons placed sideways to the LCD screen. 

Below this you will see a flap, which when opened consist of LUX’s patented speed dial and a few push buttons. Speed dial has been designed to make programming an easy affair for everyone. You can select between the heating and cooling option through the slide switch provided right beneath the speed dial. There is a reset button also, which erases the program whenever you wish to set a new one. 

The pushbuttons are made of soft plastic and looks durable. All the buttons, the speed dial, and the slide switch have been labeled clearly, which avoid confusion among the users. 

For accurate temperature control, an external temperature sensor has been provided, which looks like a small antennae placed on top of the unit. Make sure it is set straight up before you use the device. 

There is also an ON/OFF switch placed to the right side of the unit, that helps you turn on and off whenever required. 

A socket has been provided on the front panel itself, where your heating/cooling system is to be plugged in. 

All in all the design is very simple and portable. If you are not a fan of fancy designs in thermostat and are looking for a conventional one, this is an apt option. 


The display as already mentioned is a small LCD screen, placed at the top of the front panel of the thermostat. It displays the current temperature, day, date and time. The temperature can be set either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It also mentions whether the thermostat is working for a heating or cooling unit. If it is working for a heating unit, it will show “heat” on the display. Similarly, if it is working for a cooling unit, it will show “cool” on the display. 

This small display hence provides all the information at a glance. Also, while changing or setting a temperature, the temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen. After you have set the temperature, it will switch back to displaying the current room temperature. 


In order to make programming easy, LUX patented a speed dial, which has been incorporated in this thermostat. The dial can be set to four positions namely: “set weekday program”, “set weekend program”, “set time and date” and “RUN”. 

As this is a 5-2 day programmable unit, you can set a program for 5 weekdays and 2 weekends in a group. This means, for say 5 weekdays, you will have the same program and can set the temperature for 4 different programs for a day. Similarly, for the 2 weekends, you will have the same routine. It makes programming less complicated for people with a steady routine. 

Once you set the program, turn the knob to the “run” position, and the thermostat will start controlling your unit accordingly. 

Also, in case you want the thermostat to hold on to a temperature but you do not want the program to get altered; you have the “hold” button. 

Reset” button has also been provided in case you have to erase the program memory and chart out a whole new program. 

The “up down” keys, at the side of the display help in advance/reduce the temperature or day/time. 

You can change the set temperature of a particular period at any time, by just using the temperature override feature. It helps in altering a set temperature without disturbing the whole program. 

In case of a power failure, stay calm, the unit comes with a battery backup that memorizes your program and restarts it when the power gets restored.


LUX WIN100 is a 120V/60Hz line thermostat that is capable to take a load of up to 15 Amp. It is compatible with 120V window air conditioners and portable space heaters only. Make sure your device has an auto restore feature before you buy this thermostat unit. 

Keep in mind that, it does not work with the conventional 24 Volt systems or hydronic systems, or heat pumps.  


Installing your LUX Win100 thermostat is not a big deal. All you need is a small screwdriver and a thorough reading of the manual. Read the warnings and installation instructions very carefully before you try to install this unit. This unit comes with 2, G13A size 1.5V battery back-up which needs to be activated before using the unit. You just follow the instructions in the manual and are good to go. While carrying out installation make sure, that the device is in “OFF” position and that the plug fits into the receptacle properly. 

LUX WIN100: A basic unit that saves energy

As you now might have got an idea of the features of this unit, the programming options help you save almost 33% of the energy. The easy programming also saves a lot of time that gets wasted in learning the complicated programming models. 

Also, the sleek, basic design makes this unit portable and easy to install. All in all, it is a good buy at a decent budget. 

While we wrap up this article, let us go through its pros and cons, for the last time. 


  • Display shows the temperature either in F/C format of your choice
  • Battery back up to remember the program in case of power failure
  • Easy to use speed dial for smooth programming
  • 4 period for a day
  • Separate program for weekends and weekdays
  • Can be used for cooling and heating unit
  • Portable design
  • Easy installation
  • Temperature override feature


  • The window AC and the poratable space heaters need to have an auto restore option. 
  • Small display
  • No separate program for each day of the week

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