Nest has made a significant change to the way thermostats function for quite some time. Energy bills can be reduced dramatically with intelligent thermostats. Nest has made a revolution by replacing conventional thermostats with the most modern smart thermostats. This played a significant role in changing our homes to smart homes. One of the disadvantages of these smart wifi thermostats is the high pricing point.

Here comes the significance of Vine Smart Wifi Thermostats. Taking advantage of the latest technology, you’ll get all the features for a lower price.

Sounds exciting?

Let’s find out how Vine Thermostats are some of the best thermostats you would find on the market.

What Makes Vine Thermostats Worth the Buy?

  • You can create daily programs in your vine smart thermostats.
  • The Vine Thermostats company provides users with an extended warranty of three years more than other smart thermostats.
  • The Vine thermostat app has automatic updates through which you can integrate new features into the device.

What are the Vine Thermostat Models?

Vine Thermostats come in three different models having distinctive specifications.

1- Wi-Fi Thermostat – Model TJ-919E

vine tj919e

You can find the current weather each hour or as wide-ranging as a 5-day forecast. You can even create a daily schedule and program to ensure your home’s temperature is optimized according to your lifestyle and schedule.

Using the Vine Thermostat app, you can create advanced programs or adjust the temperature of your home at any time, from anywhere. Plus, with the premium cloud service, you can receive weather alerts and temperature updates, as well as service calls for adjusting HVAC equipment filters.

Features of the Wi-Fi Thermostat – Model TJ-919E

The Vine Thermostat app can help you keep track of:

  • Filters
  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • Other service reminders.

With a 4.5 “Color Touchscreen LCD (56.00 x 101.40mm) screen size, you can use the thermostat features without having to compromise on the Thermostat’s interface.

A significant advantage of this Thermostat is that it can easily be programmed using the web portal, mobile app, or even from the thermostat.

Different schedules can be set for each day of the week. Eight temperature changes can also be scheduled daily.

The temperature setting range for the Wi-Fi thermostat- Model TJ-919E is:

  • 40°~99℉ (5°~37℃).

Moreover, the temperature accuracy of the TJ-919E is:

  • ±1.5°C (2 Years).

Wi-Fi Specs

  • Wi-Fi Chipset: Qualcomm QCA4004X
  • Wi-Fi Frequency Standard: IEEE 802.11B/G/N (2.4G)

In addition to a nightlight:

  1. This Vine Thermostat model is easy to use in the dark.
  2. Also, the nightlight can turn itself on and off automatically according to a schedule.

Furthermore, your home’s HVAC system will detect when you are leaving and will turn down your HVAC system, or it will know when you are arriving and will switch on the heating so that your house feels comfortable.

However, there are some not-so-satisfied reviews about the TJ-919E Thermostat on Amazon. Users have reported an issue regarding the temperature setting of the TJ-919E Thermostat. Apparently, the company is still fixing the issues making the thermostat even better.

2- Wi-Fi Thermostat – Model TJ-610E

Designed for your convenience, Vine’s Model TJ-610E Smart Wi-Fi Programmable thermostat has some highlight features.

  • A 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen with bright color
  • A programmable nightlight
  • An easy-to-use menu
vine tj-610

Features such as messaging, reporting, remote control, occupancy sensing, and learning are accessible in this Thermostat model.

You can manually control the Thermostat’s set-point temperature, heating and cooling schedule, home/away, and vacation features through the mobile app and Thermostat.

Furthermore, the automation feature available in the Model TJ-610E by Vine Thermostat makes it stand out among others.

Features of the Wi-Fi Thermostat – Model TJ-610E

One of the biggest benefits of Model TJ-610 E is its versatility to be used as either a C-wire or non-C wire thermostat and in various wiring configurations.

Battery backup is not necessary for this device, which even features a four-stage programmable LED night light on the bottom.

Wi-Fi Specs

  • Wi-Fi Chipset: Qualcomm QCA4004X
  • Wi-Fi Range: <100 Meters in Open Area

Key features of Model TJ-610E in a nutshell

  1. It has a touchscreen with a 3.5″ color display.
  2. We can adjust the brightness of the screen.
  3. This Thermostat is seven days programmable.
  4. Each period can last up to eight minutes.
  5. The range of defined temperatures is available.
  6. Adjustment of the dial in the classic style is also offered as a feature.
  7. It has a programmable nightlight

3- Wi-Fi Thermostat – Model TJ-225

vine tj225 thermostat

With a simple, user-friendly interface, the TJ-225 Smart Thermostat is compatible with most 24V HVAC systems, allowing you to achieve greater comfort at home.

The TJ-225 can be programmed with a schedule or used as needed depending on your lifestyle. With your smartphone, you can monitor and control your heating and cooling usage from anywhere and save up to 23% on energy costs.

Specifications of the Wi-Fi Thermostat – Model TJ-225

Integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can control the thermostat directly from your smartphone or laptop using the innovative Vine App. Installation and operation are usually completed in 30 minutes, and the batteries don’t require changing every month, so it’s easy to maintain.

In addition, Vine’s technical team guides users through the setup process with an instructional video.

Features of the Wi-Fi Thermostat – Model TJ-225

The AC adapter is compatible with 90% of HVAC systems. However, C wires are required for the power source. A Vine thermostat cannot work directly with a two-wire HVAC system, as the user needs to add an AC adapter. Through its energy-saving mode, 7-day rational programming, remote access, and so on, the Vine thermostat allows you to save over 20% on HVAC expenses.

Using a TJ-225, you can create an energy-efficient schedule with your thermostat and VINE APP on your phone. With the Vine thermostat, you can build a cozy home all day and all night.

Wi-Fi Specs

  • Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE 802.11B/G/N (2.4G)
  • Wi-Fi Connected Range: <50 Meters in Open Area

Most of the customers have reviewed the Vine Model TJ-225 Smart Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat stating that it is one Thermostat that can offer world-class efficiency at an affordable price.

Unlike other products, you can consider this model a bit more reasonable for people who are not willing to spend extra money on a Thermostat.

Vine Thermostat Model TJ-225 can be summarized as a good quality product with:

  • An EU RoHS certificate.
  • Seven days and Eight days of DIY programs
  • Touch buttons
  • LED programmable night lights
  • Remote control via phone
  • Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Energy efficiency
  • Geofencing

Final Verdict

Using the Vine Smart Thermostat, you can control your home’s heating and cooling system from anywhere on your smartphone, making it possible to monitor and manage the system even when you are not at home.

Designed for users who want intelligent home capabilities without paying a high price for useless features, the Vine TJ-610 Wi-Fi thermostat is an excellent option for those looking for a smart thermostat without a high price tag. Considering its price, it’s a solid buy.

This product has received a total score of 8 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions. Now is your turn to decide what to choose among the options given above. Have a good buy!


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