This article is a detailed guide to auto changeover thermostats.

Are you annoyed with your HVAC system when the temperature in your house is not automatically adjusted when the outside temperature fluctuates from cool in the morning to quite warm in the afternoon?  Do you have to manually change the settings on your thermostat a few times a day when there are temperature fluctuations in the outside temperature? 

There is a solution available – install an auto changeover thermostat!

An auto changeover thermostat will automatically change the HVAC system from “cool” to “heat” and vice versa to keep the temperature in your house always comfortable whatever the fluctuation in the outside temperatures. 

In this article, we’ll tell you what an auto changeover thermostat is and how it differs from a “normal” manual thermostat. We’ll also look at some of the benefits of having one, and what are aspects to keep in mind when you install your auto changeover thermostat.

What is an auto changeover thermostat?

The “changeover” refers to a thermostat’s ability to automatically “change over” from heat mode to cool mode and vice versa when the air temperature in the house crosses a temperature. 

After your auto changeover thermostat has been installed, you set a range for the temperature in the home. When the temperature goes above the pre-set level, the AC kicks on, and when the temperature falls below another pre-set level, the furnace/heater kicks in. 

When, for instance, temperatures are changing during the day from rather cold to quite warm, an auto changeover thermostat will automatically activate the heating function in the morning and later in the day the cooling function.

How does an auto changeover thermostat differ from other thermostats?

If you don’t have an auto changeover thermostat, your thermostat will only have a “heat/cool” setting option. You have to manually change the thermostat from “heat” to “cool” when needed.

 Unfortunately, changeover thermostats are more expensive than “normal” thermostats. Therefore most homeowners have only the manual option and need to evaluate the heat/cool situation in their houses and then manually switch the thermostat to the appropriate setting. 

If there are great temperature fluctuations during the day you can find yourself changing this setting several times a day. With an auto changeover thermostat, all the setting changes are done without human intervention.

Benefits of having an auto changeover thermostat

If you have installed a changeover thermostat with your heating and cooling system, you will amongst other things, be able to enjoy the following:

Always a comfortable temperature

With an activated auto changeover thermostat your home will always be kept at a comfortable temperature even when outside temperatures fluctuate a lot. The thermostat will automatically ensure that just enough heat or cold air is provided to keep the temperature in the house comfortable when the pre-set temperature thresholds have been crossed.  

Sophisticated thermostats learn your heat/cool preferences

There are very sophisticated auto changeover thermostats available that offer you the ultimate comfort. They have, for instance, the intuitive ability to learn your heat/cool preferences. They then adjust your home accordingly. 

All you have to do to trigger this intuitive ability of the thermostat is to manually turn the thermostat up and down a few times when you need a temperature change in your home, and it will learn what temperature you prefer and will then adjust the heat/cool settings automatically.

You conserve energy

As a changeover thermostat doesn’t keep temperatures unnecessarily too cold or too warm in your home you conserve energy and thus spend less money on electricity. 

Remote control

Almost all changeover thermostats can integrate with your smartphone, tablet, or computer so that you can control the temperature in your home even when you are not at home. 

Things to remember when installing an auto changeover thermostat

If you replace an existing thermostat, mount the new thermostat in the same place where the old one has been installed. 

For new installations, keep the following in mind:

  • Locate the thermostat on a wall in a room that is used often. 
  • Do not locate the thermostat in a corner or alcove, or behind a door where air circulation is poor, or where there are unusual heating conditions. Also, don’t locate it in unusual cooling conditions like in a draft from a stairwell, door, or window. 
  • Stay away from direct sunlight, a lamp, television, radiator, fireplace, hot water pipes in a wall, or where a stove is on the other side of the wall.
  • If you locate it in a damp area, it can lead to corrosion and shorten the thermostat’s life. 

Best auto changeover thermostats

Below is a detailed review and buying guide to some of the best smart thermostats in the market today. There are also purchase links from amazon added for your convenience. 

Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat

Honeywell is the go-to when it comes to thermostats, being a well-reputed company with years of making thermostats making it a giant in this field. They recently came up with this WI-FI enabled model to rival the famous Nest thermostat.

Features and design

The design features a traditional shape similar to other old thermostat models making it quite unique. The retro look is broken by a beautiful modern, touchscreen display.  Other features include:

  • A beautiful screen– the screen is bright and colorful making it easy to read even in the dark. It is also a touch screen making it easy to operate. You are also able to get daily forecasts and humidity readings. 
  • Adjustable color scheme– this means that you can simply change the background color of the screen to fit perfectly with your walls or décor. 
  • Smart learning features– the thermostat is able to learn your desired temperature cycle through a series of algorithms.  
  • Useful alerts– the gadget is able to alert you on when to change your air filter, internet connection alerts, and temperature notifications. 
  • Flexible programming options- 7-day programming makes it simple to make a temperature schedule which you can easily override and manually change the temperature if desired. 
  • Thermostat app– you are able to control everything from your phone using the available Honeywell Home app via WI-FI.

Ease of use

The beautiful colored, perfectly sized touch screen makes it easy to adjust the temperature to your desired range with ease. 

The 7-day programming makes it simple to make a temperature schedule. A great plus is an available app that you can download on your phone enabling you to completely discard the need to physically stand and go to your thermostat to adjust it. The smart feature that is able to memorize your desired temperature schedule is also a big bonus.  

Overall Value

In general, it is a great addition to your home as it offers value for its price tag. It would have been a great plus if it had the geofencing feature so it would switch either on or off depending on if you are in or away from the house.

Ecobee Lite Smart Thermostat

Designed by Ecobee as a cheaper alternative to the pricy Ecobee3, the light version still serves the same purpose but with reduced features. That explains the notably lower price tag. Don’t worry, you can still control everything via your phone. Below are some of its features.

Features and design

It still looks similar to the more expensive Ecobee3 in that it has a rounded all-black face and a white back. The sides of the Lite model, though, taper inwards, so that the area where it meets the base plate is smaller than the front.

  • Easy to use touch screen– very similar to its more expensive brother, it displays current room temperature, humidity level, and the current state of the system (Off, Heat, Cool). 
  • Smart Home Integration– this means that it can work with other networks like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Wink, and Control4 systems.
  • Thermostat app– you are able to control everything from your phone using the available thermostat app via WI-FI.
  • Smart learning features– the thermostat is able to learn your desired temperature cycle through a series of algorithms.  
  • Useful system alerts– they include maintenance alerts and outside temperature ranges. You are also able to see the weather forecast of the day.

Overall Value

All in all, it doesn’t sacrifice anything essential and it still has all the stuff that made us love ecobee in the first place. For those looking for something simple and minimalistic, this might be the perfect thermostat for you. 

Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

This Emerson thermostat is one of the best in the market. It is one of the leading modern thermostats that come with a variety of smart features. It sports a sleek and modern appearance meaning it won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your wall. 

Features and design

As stated it sports a cool modern look while still maintaining the traditional rectangular shape of most thermostats. This is aesthetically pleasing and perfect to have anywhere in the house. Some of its features include:

  • Beautiful display– it comes with a touchscreen display with a beautiful back glow that makes it perfect for use even during the night. It also provides weather updates and humidity readings.
  • Color shift on the display– this is to let you know at a glance whether your system is heating or cooling.
  • Automatic Upgrades– the system automatically upgrades its software ensuring it is always up to date. 
  • Smart Home Integration– this means that it can work with other networks like Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit platform, and Samsung’s SmartThings home automation system
  • Thermostat app– you are able to control everything from your phone using the available Sensi app via WI-FI. This helps owners save money with its flexible scheduling.
  • Geofencing– this lets the Emerson Sensi use your smartphone location to change temperature settings when you leave and before you return.

Overall Value

The Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi smart Thermostat is an exemplary option when choosing a modern smart thermostat, especially if the design is a major consideration. Perfect in every aspect especially pricing. 

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

The third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat has all the smarts of its predecessors and more. Its easy-to-use feature, elegant design, and learning capabilities have made it one of the most loved smart thermostats in the market today. 

Features and design

The thermostat has a sleek puck-shaped design making it fit in perfectly with any kind of décor or background color. It is available in black, white, stainless steel, or copper finish.  Some of its features include:

  • Nest app– you are able to control everything from your phone using the available Nest app. Simply download it from your play store and enjoy the convenience that comes with it.
  • Geofencing– Another advantage of using the app is the ability of the thermostat to know when you are home or not. It uses a geolocator and your phone’s GPS to know your location.
  • Smart Home Integration– this means that it can work with other networks like Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit platform, and Samsung’s SmartThings home automation system
  • Heat link– This is the component that will control the boiler and communicate wirelessly with the thermostat.
  • Auto-schedule feature– the Nest learns the temperatures you like and automatically programs itself according to your schedule.
  • Farsight– this is a feature that can sense your presence from across the room, and light up to show you the temperature and time.

Overall Value

A Nest Thermostat is totally worth it for those who are looking to automate heating and cooling systems in their house. All you will need is a reliable WIFI connection and a compatible system to work with the thermostat. Considering all the additional features you get compared to other thermostats, it is totally worth the price. 

Honeywell TH4110U2005/U T4 Pro Program Mable Thermostat

Another addition to the legendary Honeywell thermostat collection. It is a cheaper alternative to the other Honeywell thermostat on the list. It still offers similar although fewer features. 

Features and design

The thermostat comes in a square retro sleek design. Other features include: 

  • Simple display– the touch screen is simple and easy to read. It displays the current room temperature, humidity level, and the current state of the system (Off, Heat, Cool). The onboard display is inclusive of buttons to access the interface of the thermostat
  • Flexible programming options- programming makes it simple to have a temperature schedule that you can easily override and manually change the temperature if desired. 

It is however important to note that it is missing some important features like:

  1. Smart learning features
  2. Smart Home Integration
  3. Geofencing

Overall Value

Considering its extremely low price tag, the missing features are enough to explain it. It’s still a great thermostat for someone looking for something simple. 

Auto changeover thermostats are being developed to make it as easy and comfortable as possible to keep your home at the right temperature. New sophisticated designs make it possible that the human factor can be eliminated in the temperature control process in your home. 

If you can afford to purchase and install an auto changeover thermostat it is a worthwhile investment. 


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