Hive Thermostat is smartly designed that enables you to manage temperature functions for your house effectively and efficiently. It is a smart thermostat and one of the UK’s high-rated ones.

In this fast pace life, devices that can add value to your living are much appreciated- Hive Thermostat is such of a kind. This product is designed innovatively and can adjust the temperature of your premises as per your selected limits thus making sure that the optimum temperature is set so that you are comfortable in the environment.

The Hive Thermostat’s biggest advantage is its innovative heating and cooling management feature as per the user’s requirement, resulting in negligible energy wastage. Return on investment in the form of energy savings will eventually be secured thus the long-term benefit is positive.

Following are some drawbacks and advantages of the hive thermostat:


  • Energy Saving
  • Ease of temperature management through a mobile application
  • Linking with Hive Window/Door Sensor for smart motion sensing
  • Integration with Alexa and Google Play for voice commands
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Multi-zonal installation can be expensive
  • Add-ons functions required the purchase of other Hive devices which increases the cost

Now let’s explore the salient features of the Hive Thermostat:

Design & Dimensions:

Hive Thermostat has an aesthetically pleasing design. It has a digital display over a mirror front. The display explicitly shows the current and targeted temperature making it clutter-free and easy to understand.

The size of this thermostat is 10.25 x 3.25 x 5.5 inches and can be easily mounted on the wall. It weighs 3.27 pounds.


The hive thermostat is compatible with most HVAC systems. Replacing your old thermostat with Hive Hub will set the smart thermostat system ready for functioning. The company also offers installation from Engineer and now it’s up to you if you want to self-install or go for company aid installation.

Ease of functionality:

One-touch cooling and heating function makes it much easier to quickly set your home temperature as per your liking with just a touch. This makes it much more user-friendly.

Voice Command:

Hive Thermostat is best to be paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for a voice command automation function that lets you just set a temperature of your liking by verbally instructing such as, “Google turns up the temperature to 21 degrees”.

Dual Mode:

Hive Thermostat offers a dual mode of heating and cooling. The heating and cooling preference of your house can be set with just this thermostat as per the weather condition and your preferences.

Connectivity & Virtual Control:

Hive Hub is utilized to connect Hive Thermostat virtually. This comes as a package with the purchase of a Hive Thermostat.

The thermostat is connected to the Ethernet via a router for virtually controlling temperature.

Hive cooling and heating functions can be controlled via a mobile application that is promptly available on Apple iOS and Android. Hive devices can also be managed through the Hive website so the user has full command over the thermostat and the liberty to manage it efficiently.

Smart Thermostat:

Hive Thermostat is a smart thermostat it can be paired with Hive Window/Door sensors so that it automatically turns on/off heating and cooling as you enter or leave your house.

This motion-sensing provides greater comfort and is the best technological advancement for any thermostat. The only drawback is that an additional purchase of a Hive Window/Door sensor is to be done to enable this function.


A maximum of six daily schedules of heating and cooling functions can be set up with Hive Thermostat in advance as per your liking and comfort.

This flexibility aids in managing optimum temperature during different times of the day and adjusting perfectly to the temperature condition fluctuations throughout the day. So, if you want to increase temperatures during the evening and morning time as per the limit you selected. Further, you can also select reducing the temperature on sunny days.

Energy Efficient:

Hive Thermostat reduces energy consumption as it senses you leaving your house so automatically shuts off the temperature function when paired with Hive Window/Door Sensor.

Geolocation will use your phone’s GPS and will sense that you have gone out of your house and if your house heating and cooling are still on and will notify you. You can set certain triggers so that GPS enabled on your phone will alert you to turn on or off the heating or cooling function.

Hive Thermostat also enables its users to turn off the heating or cooling function when the temperature reaches a certain limit. Hive’s smart thermostat will notify the user through the app or if the user has no smart device, then even a text can alert that a certain temperature is achieved to avoid excess energy consumption.

Holiday mode is also in Hive thermostat-controlled through its mobile application. This mode enables its users to manage the temperature of their house when they are away for holidays and before their departure to their home, they can set the temperature they want to enjoy the utmost comfort.


Hive Thermostat offers smart ways to efficiently control heating and cooling functions which reduces surplus usage. These functions can be managed according to requirements which will ultimately result in usage as per needs. This will reduce energy expenditure and the cost of purchase and installation will be recovered eventually.

Multi-Zone Control:

The temperature of different parts of the house can be set individually as per the desirability with Hive Thermostat in each part. This can be done in up to five different areas of the house. For this, it has to be made sure that each zone has separate valves that individually control the water flow.

Muti-zone control is economical in the long run. For example, bedrooms required a heating function during the night and early morning as per the usability whereas the living area needs a heating function during the evening according to their occupancy and usage. So, with multi-zone controls temperatures are set as per the need thus eliminating surplus heating or cooling functions resulting in smart energy consumption for savings in the long run.

As per all the detailed information shared above following summarizes the benefits and drawbacks of the Hive Thermostat that will assist in the purchase decision. So before opting for this device following should be must consider:

  • Virtual management of heating and cooling functions via a user-friendly mobile application is required
  • The sensor-controlled function is desirable as it allows automatically shut down and start of cooling and heating functions if entering and leaving the house
  • Energy saving as it shuts down/starts heating and cooling function as per need for efficient energy consumption is the goal
  • Cost-effectiveness is required as the purchase and assembly costs are recoverable due to savings resulting from energy consumption in an effective manner
  • Integration with smart home technologies i.e., Alexa, Google Home, etc. is vital for ease of use.
  • Dual technology of heating and cooling is mandatory as per the climatic condition of your region
  • However, if multi-zone heating and cooling function is vital it is better not to opt for Hive Thermostat as the cost will exponentially rise because of separate valves installation

Product Specification:

The following table exhibits details of the Hive Thermostat for purchase purposes:

Item Weight‎3.27 pounds
Product Dimensions‎10.25 x 3.25 x 5.5 inches
Country of Origin‎China
Item model number‎Heating & Cooling
Is Discontinued by Manufacturer‎No
Size‎1 Count (Pack of 1)
Style‎Heating & Cooling Pack
Power Source‎Ac/dc
Display Style‎Digital
Special Features‎Dimmable
Included Components‎Hive Smart Thermostat, Hive Hub
Batteries Required?‎No
Warranty Description‎1-year limited manufacturer warranty
PriceCheck Price

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