Sinopé TH1124WF is a line voltage smart thermostat that is designed exclusively for electric-based heating systems. Until or unless you have a typical oil or gas-fueled heating system, the Sinope TH1124WF thermostat is the right choice to control your home heating either through the device itself or your phone.

Apart from the smart app, Sinopé TH1124WF is also equipped with support for smart assistants like Google Home, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. You can use any of them to control it directly with your voice commands. It is easy to install and works perfectly, saving a lot on your energy bills.

So if you have made up your mind to buy the Sinopé TH1124WF thermostat, here is the detailed review we have written to let you decide whether to choose this one or not. Let’s get started.

Sinopé TH1124WF Thermostat: What’s New

Sinopé TH1124WF thermostat controls your electric heating system with ease and works with baseboard heaters, convectors, fan-forced convectors, and radiant ceiling heating. You can connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi in order to use the Neviweb app and get the most out of this product.

Neviweb has the following features: Schedules (up to 8 periods per day); Geofencing (trigger actions based on your presence); Energy reports (see your consumption and savings in real-time). Neviweb, the app designed by Sinopé Technologies, has many additional tailored features.

Here are the key specifications of the Sinopé TH1124WF Thermostat.

  • ‎4.53 x 1.26 x 5 inches
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Lockable buttons
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi support
  • Support for Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa

In the box, you get a Sinopé TH1124WF thermostat, two mounting screws, two wire connectors, and an installation guide.

Design and Display

Sinopé TH1124WF has a stylish and appealing design. It has a rectangular white enclosure and measures 5.0 x 3.4 x 1.0 inches i.e., height, width, and depth respectively. On the right side, a small 2-inch backlit LCD screen displays the ambient room temperature, set point and outdoor temperatures, current time, and Wi-Fi signal strength.

The temperature can be changed by pressing the up and down buttons beneath the display. The mounting holes are hidden behind a removable panel on the left. The thermostat has two wires on the back that connect to the electrical junction box in your heater. A 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio connects it to your home network.

Thermostat Features

Sinopé TH1123WF thermostat is equipped with plenty of features. It offers personalized ambiance based on the time of day, events, or activity. You can set up different schedules for each day of the week, with up to eight periods per day. It has real-time monitoring of your consumption and savings. The thermostat’s backlit display adjusts to ambient light and displays indoor and outdoor temperatures to make your life easier.

The smart thermostat for electric heating’s unmatched temperature accuracy will allow you to achieve the highest level of comfort while saving money. You can maintain complete control of your environment from anywhere and at any time by downloading the Neviweb app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play. The consumption graphs in Neviweb allow you to see your energy consumption and savings in real-time.

Like other smart thermostats, the Sinopé TH1123WF has a geofencing feature that works based on your location. The geofencing feature detects whether you have left your house or not. To use geofencing, you must first define a radius around your home using the app. When you leave the house, it switches to Away mode, but when you return, it returns to your home temperature.

Sinopé TH1123WF also saves a lot on your energy bills. Éco Sinopé, which is a new Neviweb function, integrates with your utility’s energy efficiency programs and allows you to save significantly. Sinopé will take care of the rest once Éco Sinopé is activated and your option is selected.

This thermostat also has impressive smart home connectivity and integrates with Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. It is compatible with regular heating systems such as electric baseboard heaters, convectors, fan-forced convectors, or radiant ceilings.

Installation and Setup

Like most smart thermostats, the Sinopé TH1123WF thermostat is simple to install and configure. It does, however, use wiring from your heating system’s power source rather than low-voltage thermostat wiring.

The wires in question are typically found inside an electrical junction box that is connected to the heating system, or nearby in a power switch. If you are not comfortable working with electrical wiring, you should hire a professional to do the physical installation.

Step 1: To avoid electric shocks, ensure that the breakers for your heating system are turned off at the main electrical panel.

Step 2: Lift and unlock the thermostat cover.

Step 3: Connect the thermostat wires to the wires in the electrical box using the provided wire connectors.

Step 4: Tighten the wire connectors firmly to ensure a secure connection. A faulty connection can cause a fire.

Step 5: Insert the two wires so that their copper ends are parallel to the wire nut.

Step 6: Turn the wire connector clockwise until strong tension is felt.

Step 7: Pull on the threads to ensure they are secure and there are no gaps between them. Repeat the process if the threads become loose.

Step 8: Install the thermostat to the electrical box using the provided screws. Replace the lock and cover.

Step 9: Turn on the thermostat. Your Sinopé thermostat should turn on automatically after you flip the breaker.

This completes the process of installation of the Sinopé TH1124WF thermostat.

Setting Up

The thermostat’s app makes it simple to set up. Sinopé TH1124WF operates with the Neviweb mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS. Other Sinope smart devices, such as lights, water protection products, and smart plugs, use the same app. The home screen of the app shows your current home status (Home or Away) as well as the current outdoor temperature.

This section also includes activation buttons for saved Scenes and a Consumption History button for viewing energy usage charts by kWh or cost per kWh. Click the Geofencing button to enable geofencing, set a perimeter, and assign a tracking device. The Connected Platforms button displays instructions for linking the thermostat to Alexa, Google, HomeKit, and SmartThings accounts.

At the very bottom of the screen, there are icons for Home, Devices, and Scenes, as well as a three-bar icon. The Home icon takes you back to the home screen. By tapping the Scenes icon, you can create easily accessible presets (Scenes). For example, you can program the thermostat to change the temperature when you press the Scene button or activate the Scene with Alexa, Google, or Siri voice commands.

Click the three-bar icon to edit account settings, add locations, and define geofencing parameters. The Devices icon displays a screen with tiles representing all of your Sinopé devices, organized by room or type. To make manual changes or set a schedule, tap the thermostat tile. This screen displays the current and set point temperatures, as well as temperature adjustment up and down arrows.

From here, you can also rename the device, change the time and temperature format, and change the Away set point. Your Consumption History is also accessible from this page. Finally, the Schedule button lets you create custom heating schedules for each day of the week.

Smart Home Integration

Sinopé TH1124WF thermostat works well with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri voice commands, and it works with HomeKit and SmartThings home automation systems. It also supports geofencing, which allows the thermostat to switch between Home and Away modes based on your phone’s location.

Apart from smart devices, this thermostat is also compatible with short-cycle baseboard heaters, convector heaters, long-cycle fan-forced convector heaters, and radiant ceiling heaters. At 240VAC, it has a maximum resistive load of 3,000 watts and a temperature set point range of 41 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If your electric heating system consumes more than 3,000 watts, the Sinope TH1124WF has a maximum load rating of 4,000 watts.

The Good

  • Attractive design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Quite easy to install
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi support
  • Works with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Alexa

The Bad

  • Doesn’t work with oil or gas-fueled heating system
  • Installation requires the use of electrical wiring.

Should you buy Sinopé TH1124WF Thermostat?

No doubt Sinopé TH1123WF is an impressive device with plenty of features and smart home capabilities. So there is no denying that it is a great choice for controlling your electric heating system and is well worth the price. It has built-in Wi-Fi, voice support for Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Apple HomeKit, SmartThings integrations, and geofencing location control. It can also inform you of how much energy you use and how much it costs to heat your home.

That said, if you are looking for a smart thermostat that can control your electric heating system, Sinopé TH1123WF can be your best bet.

One thing to mention here is that Sinopé TH1123WF is incompatible with low-voltage gas and oil-fueled systems. If you’re looking for a thermostat that can control gas or fueled heating systems specifically, consider the Nest Thermostat, which is similarly inexpensive, easy to install, and compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants.


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