Lennox offers a variety of high-quality thermostats with amazing functions that can help you create the ideal environment to live in great comfort. With the iComfort thermostat comes the power to actually control your temperature from anywhere in the world. And what’s more fascinating is that it comes in different models. There is the iComfort s30, iComfort e30, iComfort Wi-Fi, comfortsense 3000, comfortsense 5500 and the comfortsense 7500.

iComfort S30

iComfort S30 adapts intelligently to provide the ultimate energy savings by allowing you to control your heating and cooling from anywhere, allowing you to enjoy your favorite warm-weather spots even when you’re not there.

The Allergen Defender feature on the iComfort® S30 monitors the air quality and pollen levels in your area based on your ZIP code and automatically switches on the fan to clean the air in your home when open-air levels are high.

The iComfort S30 ultra-smart thermostat electronic communicating, color display touchscreen, and 7-day configurable iComfort S30 ultra-smart thermostat conveys directly with a Smart Hub Controller. This being the first smart thermostat by Lennox, it is only compatible with Lennox devices communicating models and no other brands.

iComfort E30

This is the most flexible Lennox thermostat available, with universal equipment compatibility.

This model has many of the same features as the s30, such as a 7-day programmable interface and the ability to communicate directly with a Smart Hub Controller, with the exception that it works with most HVAC systems. The iComfort E30 smart thermostat has the flexibility to respond to your lifestyle and changes in the environment to provide comfort, energy savings, and peace of mind.

iComfort WIFI

This is an electronic touch-screen thermostat that comes with a color display.

It has more advanced features like being able to measure and control the humidity, adjust the dew point, and set reminders for equipment management. When used in conjunction with premium Lennox devices, the iComfort Wi-Fi keeps your home’s temperature within 0.5 degrees of its set point. So you can have a more comfortable and efficient home. It displays a 5-day weather forecast and live weather alerts due to its invariable connection to your home’s wireless network. Easy controls make it simple to set the heating and cooling schedule. You can easily change the settings as your schedule changes, even if you have a busy schedule.

Comfortsense 3000

This thermostat is a powerful commercial thermostat that is easy to use and can be used with most rooftop units or split systems.

This design was specifically for commercial use. The LCD screen on this thermostat is large, backlit, and easy to read. Temperature settings can be controlled more precisely with a digital display than with mechanical controls. Its large buttons are simple to operate.

The sleek, contemporary design complements any decor. Is it, however, a decent brand? We would say yes. I say this because Lennox has been in the business for a long time, delivering creative, dependable, and high-quality goods. This it to say their products have been awesome and have only gotten better over the years.

Lennox m30

The iComfort M30 smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi-enabled electronic color touchscreen thermostat with a 7-day programmable interface.

It is compatible with non-iComfort-enabled Lennox equipment as well as other heating and cooling brands. The iComfort M30 uses your phone’s location services to detect when you come and go, and then adjusts the temperature to save energy and maximize comfort.

It also sends monthly emails with month-to-month heating and cooling usage comparisons and active service alerts, as well as a summary of the system’s performance for the day and hour. It is, however, acceptable not to believe in hearsay. So read ahead and decide if these thermostats are what you are looking for in your home.

Lennox iComfort Thermostat

Recently, many people have been making the switch to smart thermostats, as they enable automatic and programmable temperature depending on different heating and cooling needs. Aside from that, they have been shown to save energy hence a reduction on your heating and cooling bills. And the Lennox iComfort Thermostat just so happens to have all these functions.

What are some of the features of the Lennox iComfort?

  • Total remote control- this allows you to adjust the temperature from wherever you are, whether from your place of work or the grocery store, or even when traveling. Provided you have an internet service; you are able to choose whatever temperature you want given your needs at that particular time.
  • Automatic weather updates- helps you to be informed of what is going on outside despite being indoors. It gives a 5-day weather forecast, and also lives weather alerts which helps keep you informed. This feature really comes in handy when scheduling weather-sensitive activities.
  • One-touch Away Mode-  this makes saving energy simple. When you leave the house, simply touching the thermostat or whichever device that is connected to your thermostat, will put the system in an energy-saving mode. This will turn down heating or cooling, subsequently saving energy. Upon returning home, touch the thermostat again, which will cancel away mode and restore previous heating and cooling schedules.
  • Screen saver- the iComfort provides the option of uploading a photo of your choice as a screensaver and it can be made to match any color or pattern in your home. The elegant and sophisticated appearance of the iComfort is also an appealing feature as it provides perfect presentation.
  • Automatic updates- for this feature, you just have to go to the settings and then enable the automatic updates and just like that, you have this feature.  in addition, using this thermostat, you can set up reminders to carry out routine maintenance tasks.
  • Smooth setback recovery- this will detect extreme changes and restore it up to two hours before the scheduled time.
  • Allergen defender- this is also an awesome feature where it can tell what the weather is like where you live and when allergies are going to be bad, then filter the air throughout your home.

How do you use the iComfort thermostat?

After purchase, you will need to set up your iComfort. The good thing about this thermostat is that it is compatible with your existing HVAC system so there will be no need to buy one separately. This also means that it is convenient for use by any homeowner so the set up will be quite simple.

How do I set it up?

  • First make sure your iComfort is connected to WIFI by going to the menu, then settings.
  • You will then click on WIFI and choose your router, then log in and connect.
  • After this you will be able to choose the account menu option then generate your own pin.
  • The next step is to download the iComfort app. This will enable you to access the system from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Once you sign in and log into the app, you will see that it mimics the display of your existing system. The app will allow you to adjust temperature, change settings, look at the forecast, and access all the other features just as you would on the thermostat. It is accessible anywhere that you can get a signal.

The pros and cons of the iComfort

You are probably wondering what major benefits are there to having an iComfort in your home. Well, here are some pros that might make that clearer, and some cons as well, because there are always two sides to a coin.

it helps to save energy, subsequently            reducing bills                   it is relatively more expensive than others  
you are able to adjust your temperature regardless of where you might beIts remote function depends on a stable WIFI connection son in case there is a disruption then this function is compromised
your home temperature will be automatically be adjusted to your previously preferred with every change the external temperature 
Its elegant and sophisticated appearance makes is very appealing to the eye 

Why is my Lennox thermostat not working?

The Lennox iComfort thermostat is an undisputedly high-quality brand, however, if failed to be properly maintained a few issues might come up. This is not to say that the issues are permanent, as most of them can be fixed with just a few simple steps without the need to call for any extra help.

Technical difficulties that may arise while using the iComfort and how to fix them

Dead batteries?

If your thermostat isn’t working, first check to ensure that the batteries are charged. The problem will most likely be that the batteries have died, which you can easily and quickly solve by replacing them

Has your circuit breaker tripped?

This is no cause for alarm, as this just happens to protect the circuit from overheating. So what you are going to do if this is the case is to reset it, simply by turning it off and on again

Is your iComfort disconnected from the smart hub device?

This can be due to issues regarding the network. Try rebooting the WIFI router or contacting your network provider

How do you restart your iComfort thermostat in case of an error 413?

If you get an error code 413 alert on your screen, this basically means that there is an issue with your outside unit, which was caused by a high-pressure lockout. Here are a few simple steps that will help you to restart it and get it back up and running:

  • Get to the outside unit, pull the power to reset it- this is to try and clear the code that you got. Wait a few minutes the plug it back in
  • The sending unit that goes to the thermostat will probably be blinking red, indicating the error. So what you want to do is to pull the plug to the air handler to turn it off. Wait a few minutes then plug it back in to restart the sequence. You will notice that red blinking will be gone which indicates a step in the right direction

The unplugging then plugging back will get the thermostat to reboot. It takes a few minutes for everything to reset so your screen will


To sum it up, if you need heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services from a brand that is reputable for making authentic products time and again, then the Lennox iComfort is the way to go. Despite it being a bit pricey in comparison to others, its high popularity is clearly an indication of great quality and amazing features and it is definitely a worthy addition to your home.


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